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Types of country home decor

Types of country home decor

A rustic decorating style is what is called the Country Home Decor. It is basically a traditional style of decoration which can be adopted whether you are really living in a cottage like home or in urban locality. The style is characterized by the cozy interior which feels cozy and warm. Following are some of the ideas for the country home décor.

Cottage style:

A typical country home décor built in a cottage style would use stones or wood for the construction as well as decoration purposes. Mostly, the paintings of nature like birds, animals, flowers etc. are used to decorate the interior. This style brings nature right inside your home and you can always rejuvenate yourself with the fresh and natural feel in your home.

Rustic décor:

If you are fond of handicraft, this style would match your personality as this sort of country home décor combines nature with the hand knitted and handcrafted items for the purpose of decoration. Yes! You can enjoy your dinner right in the kitchen on hand made table cloths with a rectangular table made of pine.

Vintage style:

Sticking to the basics is the key to success when it comes to the country home décor. Yes! It is about preserving the traditions and using the metal or wrought iron to express your aesthetics. Simple racks and open shelves mostly characterize the vintage style with the earthen ware, glass jars and bone whites. This style in itself is a portrayal of class and glamour while staying simple.