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Tips on buying cot bedding for your newborn

Tips on buying cot bedding for your newborn

Getting the right bedding for your newborn is very crucial for their good sleep as well as development. When you have a nursery for the baby you will require to buy beddings, which should ideally include a mattress that will properly fir into the crib or cot, sheets for mattress cover and light blankets to cover the baby with. Duvets and pillows can also be bought, but only until your baby is one year or older.

-With many choices to go for when it comes to the beddings, it is important to think of whether you would like to buy them in sets or in singles. The singles will allow you to choose a piece at a time of what will suit your baby. The sets offered normally come with items like bumpers and comforters, which are not suitable for babies.

-Also consider how comfortable the bedding is. As mentioned earlier, the mattress should fit the crib properly to avoid the baby getting stuck in between the mattress and crib. The sheets and blankets should also fit snugly into the mattress.

When buying the sheets and blankets ensure that they are the right size for the mattress. This is for security reasons, to avoid the baby getting tangled or suffocating from too much loose bedding material.

-Considering that babies are very sensitive, make sure that the beddings are comfortable and soft. The beddings should also be washable and friendly to your baby’s health. This will require you to make sure that the beddings are chemical free, as well as the detergents used to clean them.