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Indoor maintenance: wood floor repair

Indoor maintenance: wood floor repair

The place we live in needs to be maintained properly. A house that is well maintained is beautiful no matter how simple it is. So, proper maintenance is a very important factor that needs to be taken care of. Depending on professionals is the best way when there is a maintenance issue. At the same time small repairs can be taken care by the residents. For being able to do so we must be aware of certain things.

Flooring is a very important section of a house. There are numerous options available in the market these days. From ceramic tiles to laminate floors, almost designs suitable to all kinds of houses are available. People nowadays tend to choose wooden laminate floors more often. The major reason for this choice is the class and elegance that they add to the overall look.

One problem associated with wood floors is that they need to be repaired very often. Dents, cracks often show themselves and hence the need for repairs arises. There are some important things that we must know about wood floor repair.


As far as wood floor repairs are concerned, we must know to replace a plank. The major advantage with wooden laminate floors is that if damaged the plank alone can be replaced. And this process of replacing the plank is very easy as well. This is most basic thing that we must know, to be able to carry out a repair.

  • Make use of a chisel and split the board.
  • Remove the damaged board and also remove any unwanted nails.
  • Cut out a new board in the same size as required.
  • Test fit the board into the area. If not, recut the board.
  • Apply the adhesive, place the board in place and tap it.
  • Install the nails so that the board is secured in place.


Wooden laminate floors can get buckled due to humidity. This can be very dangerous because they can become reasons for tripping and falling. Also buckled boards can also be easily further damaged. An easy method is to access the floor from inside and drive a nail in the position of the buckle. This can protect the board from further damage.


Scratches and nicks are very common on wood floors. Especially floors that are very frequently used show more scratches. These can be covered using colour putty sticks. Once covered with these, scratches can be hardly identified.