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Some small home designs to decorate your

Some small home designs to decorate your house

There are a lot of options available now a days to develop small home designs. You have to carefully plan the layout of your small home and work accordingly.

Let us take a look at a few small home designs.


You can modify a small kitchen or any other room by building dividers. You can also think of making some extra storage space on the dividers itself for efficient storage utilization. On a small kitchen you can have a separate dining area and make a floor to ceiling storage cabinet to display your favorite items.

Study tables.

If you want to reserve space for your study table, then you can squeeze in table between two cabinets if you have a small bedroom. In fact you can find even the tiniest nook and corner of your bedroom and create a table in between.


You can invest in small shelves hanging on the walls for efficiently storing your bathroom essentials and at the same time saving a lot of space. You can also have smaller vanities below the sink for additional storage.

Color scheme.

For smaller rooms make sure you keep the colors light and bright. Opt for whites, off whites or beiges. Light colors will make your room appear bigger in size and will reflect light.


Sheer or even silk curtains are a great way to serve as a divider between rooms. You can even separate your living and dining rooms using a curtain to create a more dramatic effect.