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Practical Remodeling Ideas Using Display

Practical Remodeling Ideas Using Display Shelves

The need for storage can never be underestimated. Everyone desires to have some storage space in almost all his/her rooms. One great way you can positively transform your rooms when remodeling is to make use of display shelves and in particular floating shelves. Floating shelves re not only fun when mounted properly; they are also make a room look sleek with some elements of sophistication.

Floating Book Shelf

Make your living room lively by mounting a floating book shelf on one of the walls. You can have one large shelf or several little shelves that can accommodate at least 10 books. You only need to choose shelves made of the right material and be of the right color that either matches color on your walls or in a contrasting color to make your living room look unique.

LED Glass Shelf

LED glass shelves bring the feel of sophistication and modernism in any room they are used. Consider mounting some on your living rooms walls. However, it is important to note that LED glass shelves can only support a few books. Because of this, LED glass display shelves are best suited to hold some of your valued collectibles that are light.

Nightstand Floating Shelf

One way to against the grain in your bedroom is to mount two or three floating shelves near your bed instead of using traditional nightstands. You only need to choose the most appropriate material in the right color.

One thing with floating display shelves is the fact that they are very cheap. You can indeed mount them as a DIY project to transform your rooms in a positive way.