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Points to consider when purchasing  viscose rugs

Points to consider when purchasing  viscose rugs

When one is shopping for viscose rugs these are wonderful choices for those who are shopping around for area rugs on a budget. Indeed, carpets and rugs are substantial investments. When one realizes that an area rug needs to be changed suddenly, they might get worried, thinking of the dent that it will cause in the household budget as it is an unanticipated expenditure. However, rugs made of viscose can be wonderful options which one can look at without having to break their bank.

Differences from natural fiber rugs

The rugs are made of manmade rayon filaments. The rugs that are made from natural fibers are usually longer lasting but more expensive as the craftsmanship of the weaver is involved. In case of rugs made of viscose, the rayon filaments are manufactured through mechanical methods. There are rugs of this manmade material which have a silken finish as well. These are wonderful and inexpensive choices for area rugs as compared to natural fiber based rugs.

Certain limitations

When you invest in cheap viscose rugs you need to be prepared for certain consequences. The rayon fibers are usually broken easily and hence, with regular foot traffic, the fibers are bound to shed more. If you are planning to place the rug in an area where there is high foot traffic, you might see a lot of fibers shedding in course of time. Again, some rugs that are mass produced and sold cheap might give off color stains. Some rugs spill their colors when they get wet. For these reasons, you might want to reconsider your choice if you are planning to place the rug in the living room where there is a lot of foot traffic or areas where children are bound to spill drinks and wet the rug easily.

Good choices for less frequent usage

When you wish to have a rug next to your bed or in areas where it will serve more of a decorative purpose, opting for viscose rugs would be a good choice. When you have spent considerably on an expensive area rug for your living room you might want to spend less and get viscose rugs for the study or bedroom areas when foot traffic is relatively low and exposure to spills and sunlight is low as well. Nowadays there are several household and lifestyle stores that sell different kinds of rugs online. You can take a look at the different brands selling rugs of synthetic fibers and take your pick amongst them. It would be right to go through the customer reviews before you opt for a synthetic rug. One should opt for a rug with a warranty or return and exchange policy attached.