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Inspiring and Cute Nursery Wall Art

Inspiring and Cute Nursery Wall Art

There is an unlimited range of nursery wall décor ideas which are used to make the baby’s nursery attractive and appealing for the kids. From flooring style to furniture each and every thing is decorated with much care and consideration. The walls of nursery are also not left behind to be decorated. Let us discuss some of the extra ordinary ideas of nursery wall art.

Hand-painted Patterns:

Instead of going for the ordinary wall paper style, the nursery wall art can be done with hand painting. If one is good enough in painting he/she can use painting experience to draw funky patterns on the walls. These can be easy hand prints of your baby with colorful paints or other painting sketches.

Vintage Frames:

Attractive antique and modern plates made up of ceramic or plastic can be used to decorate on the walls of nursery. Plates and unique plates of different sizes are used make the nursery wall art more appealing.

Scrabble and Lego Designs:

It is a new innovation in the nursery wall art. Here children old educational toys like scrabble and lego are used to decorate the wall. You can make different patterns with lego blocks of different colors and cute words from scrabble dices can be mounted on the wall.

A Pop of Prints:

Decorating the nursery walls with bright fun prints of different colors is an inspiring idea of nursery wall art. Patches of multiple prints make an abstract style of designing a wall.