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Ideas for organizing your laundry room

Ideas for organizing your laundry room

  1. Make a laundry wall

You don’t your laundry room to be cluttered. Let everything have its own place. One of the cleverest decisions is to organize a laundry wall that will contain everything you need for ironing and cleaning. You may construct it from a bunch of shelves. Make sure all wires are convenient and waterproof. Put the iron and the ironing boards near this wall. A tension rod will be another useful idea. After taking your clothes out of the dryer, you’ll hang your clothes there.

  1. Use your space

The European washer-dryer set is a perfect decision for small spaces. Attach a shelf for folding items after drying. Make sure you can always slide it away from the sight. A matchstick shadow will hide your laundry room when you need it.

  1. Let everything have its box

Another interesting laundry room idea is to put all cleaning agents should be in one box. A pair of boxed with different tags will help you make the laundry room organized: “for laundry”, “for dry cleaning”, etc.

  1. Hang a stain chart

It’s one of the most useful laundry room ideas. What do you do after the guests come home? What is the first room you visit after a fun night with girlfriends? Right. You go to the laundry room to wash the gravy off the tablecloth or get rid of wine spots on your favorite blouse. A stain chart will be your safest way to save the clothes. Laminate the chart and hang it on the wall of your laundry room.