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How to maintain your settee couch so it
  looks beautiful for years?

How to maintain your settee couch so it looks beautiful for years?

A brand new designer settee couch is quite wonderful to behold- beautiful fabric matched against colours which are crisp and a fashionable as well as cool design makes this furniture item a sight for sore eyes. However, few years down the lane, your settee couch might lose some of its vibrancy and may appear quite shabby. But with the correct maintenance as well as care, you can successfully keep a settee couch which appears as good as several years.


Settee couches can become frayed or damaged when you sit on its armrests or when people perch themselves on the cushion edges, or even if they sleep on the couch overnight. Few jewellery and clothing items also can damage settee couches, for instance if sharp edges is present in the clothing like a zip or a button, which can cause significant damage. To increase the life expectancy of your settee couch, consider utilising settee couch covers or settee couch protectors.


The fluctuations in the temperature radiators lead can cause significant damage to your furniture – especially in the case of leather settee couches. Heat as well as sunlight can cause fading of colour over a period of time. Always try to position the settee couch so that you can avoid such changes in temperature.


If you want to ensure the pristine look of your settee couch, then you have to clean the same on a regular basis. Avoid using any cleaning materials or harsh chemicals while cleaning, or you may end up doing more damage. Each and every fabric has its very own cleaning requirements which are quite unique. To avoid such damage while cleaning your settee couch, it is essential to develop a habit of clearing any mess on a regular basis and to deal with any marks or spillages when they occur. Else, the damage may become embedded and engrained and becomes very difficult to remove.


Light vacuuming can be carried out each and every material type of your settee couch. Following are some tips you can consider while vacuuming your settee couch without causing any damage to it.

  • Clean the settee couch’s surface and cushions with a soft brush.
  • To avoid scratching of the fabric due to the vacuum cleaner’s sharp edges, you can use a use a brush adaptor.