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Great way of lifestyle: kneeling chair

Great way of lifestyle: kneeling chair

kneeling chair is that type of chair where the thighs are dropped to an angle of 70 to 60 degrees. Also known as the Balans Chair, it was invented in 1979 by Hans Christian Mengshoel. The kneeling chair divides the burden of weight among the buttocks and the knees, hence alleviating lower back strain. Not only this, a kneeling chair has other benefits too. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Space saver

Kneeling chairs are said to be space saver as they can be folded up easily and kept under the table, or against the wall, whenever you don’t require them. It is a perfect piece of furniture for those who have home offices or are working with limited space.

  1. Flexible

   Kneeling Chair can be set at different levels for different height. No matter how tall you are, you can always raise its height as it has been used by people who are up to 6ft tall.

  1. Seating Posture

Kneeling chairs are designed in a such a way that you sit in the best possible posture which will further reduce strain on the spine. That way this chair supports this as its seating section is slightly sloping downward. When you will be sitting upright you will end up using your core muscles which help you gain strength while sitting.

  1. Eliminate Back Pain

One of the most common modern day disease is a back pain. Here is where the kneeling chair comes to your rescue. By sitting on the kneeling chair you will find that your body starts responding to the lack of back rest by automatically entering into the required posture. Your back gets supported in the kneeling chair while in normal chair it doesn’t, resulting in back pain.