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Getting your first captain bed

Getting your first captain bed

Captain beds are platform beds that come with storage capabilities fixed on their platforms. This bed thus will be a great way to save on space should you be moving in or living in a home cramped for space. Many companies now make the captain beds, in numerous designs and styles to choose from.

Just as the functionality of the bed dictates, the number of drawers any one bed offers is definitely something you will have to consider. The king size bed offers the most in terms of storage, with up to 14 drawers installed for maximum storage.

Whether you want the captain bed for yourself or for your children, you will find that the bed comes in many sizes. There twin captain beds, as well as full, queen and king size beds. The size of the bed in some cases may dictate the number of drawers it can hold, but always check first before buying. You may find that a twin bed may hold more drawers than a queen bed.

You will also have a variety of styles to choose from. Nowadays, there are cottage, mission and contemporary, among other styles to choose from. Choose a style that best suits your taste, as well as is suitable for your home décor needs.

You will also need to consider how the drawers are built and whether they are practical to you or not. Some beds will come with two large drawers on each side, while others will come with smaller drawers, built one under the other on both sides.