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Everything you need to know about
armless  office chairs 

Everything you need to know about armless  office chairs 

Description and Features of Armless Office Chairs 

Simply put, armless office chairs are any office chairs that do not have armrests on them. These chairs are not generally preferred by people because even if you ask people over the choice of armrests or not, most of them would go for chairs with armrests. But if we consider the attributes and quality of these armless office chairs, then these are also very suitable for various purposes. Just like normal chairs, armless office chairs also comes in a number of designs and shapes most of which are very ergonomic in nature. Getting in habit of sitting on an armless office chair is difficult because sitting without armrests is sometimes uncomfortable, but it can prove to be good in the long run. Office chairs these days are not anymore like contemporary ones which are heavily cushioned and made of leather. office chairs are light in nature and made of mesh like material. These may look like made from metal but are made from smooth fabrics.

Advantages of Armless Office Chairs 

There are various advantages of armless office chairs over the other chairs. The best advantage is the price suitability. These chairs are way cheaper than the chairs with armrests and that’s why are favored in companies and offices that run low on budget. Another advantage of armless office chair is they take way less space and are a huge success in offices which don’t have much floor space. In a chair, armrests are the first component to get damaged because they are most exposed to wear and tear. And if the chair is not in warranty period, then you might have to buy a whole new chair. Chairs with armrests are also responsible for disturbing the right posture. Keyboard doesn’t fit well and is obstructed by armrests making the occupant uncomfortable while using it.

Disadvantages of Armless Office Chairs 

The most basic disadvantage of armless office chair is lack of comfort. They lack in giving comfort to arms and mostly they aren’t at all attractive in the first sight. These days’ people prefer chairs that have removable armrests than buying an armless office chair.