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Decorate your home with high pressure

Decorate your home with high pressure laminate

High pressure laminate is also known as HPL is one of the materials that are used to decorate surfaces. If you want to decorate your home or give it a new look than you should try using HPL. They are most commonly used for flooring, table tops and cabinet doors.


High pressure laminate is an extremely durable laminate. It has very strong resistive properties which makes it perfect to use for furniture or floors that are overused, making it suitable for offices, restaurants and hotels. They will make sure that your floors and furniture keep looking shiny and new for longer. Why HPL has anti-fungal properties and is also resistant to heat.

Due to its heat resisting property, it is ideal for use for kitchen floors and kitchen cabinets. It will ensure extra safety from possible fires. Another important feature of high pressure laminate is that it is also manufactured to be chemical resistant which is why they are perfect for using in laboratories and hospitals. HPL is also cost effective as compared to marble, tiles or wood and provides the same beautiful look and elegance.


The best part about HPL is that it not only provides durability and strength but it is also stylish and decorative and available in different colors and designs. You can choose it any color you like, from solid colors to panel with patterns. You can even design your own pattern. If you want to go for a wood like look, there are HPL panels that give the look of the wood. There are also a variety of emboss designs and matte and gloss finishes.


Table tops and countertops are the most widely used for high pressure lamination. Kitchen and bathroom counter tops and cabinets are best for using HPL because it can resist the heat and the chemical and reactive actions of water and provide a good look for a longer period of time.

Since tiles and wooden flooring is expensive, HPL is a better option to use because it is cheaper and you can choose from numerous designs and textures.

Wall paneling is another purpose for which you can use HPL. Especially in commercial spaces which are used too often, can be an effective choice because it will keep your walls looking new and stylish for long.