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Composite decking – the best alternative

Composite decking – the best alternative

Nowadays, decks are becoming popular in most of the new houses. Especially the ones near a beach or anywhere near a view. Decks are structures like the floor constructed such that it is elevated from the ground level. Decks are usually built outside the main house but is connected to it. Decks were usually made with woods but in the recent years, there are many alternatives for decking is used like HDPE decking and composite decking. These alternative ways are considered eco-friendly as not much of the actual wood is used for construction. It has even sometimes proven to be better than the normal wooden decking.

An alternative

Composite decking is one of the much preferred way of alternate decking as it fits into any person’s budget, and is of low maintenance. There are two types of composite decking – solid and hollow. Solid decking is heavier when compared to its hollow counterpart. The material used in composite decking is recycled plastic and wood. Other man-made materials include PVC and vinyl. The type of material use choose must be based on where the deck is being placed (how climatic conditions like rain, snow, sun light affects the desired area), the shape you want the deck to be, the color you want your deck to, how much money you intend to spend on it and many more physical factors. The color the composite material has at the time of initial installation usually fades away, to prevent it from extending to some extent, it is advised to keep the surface for deck clean.