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Top 5 Amazing Design Ideas

Top 5 Amazing Design Ideas

There are some cool ideas that make all the guests say “wow” when they enter your room. How does your dream home look like? What ideas make you happy? This article may inspire you to come up with your own ideas of great design.

  1. Forest look

During the day your chandelier looks like a normal accessory. At night, its branch-like lines turn the whole room into the mystical forest.

  1. Indoor pool

This house design idea is perfect for cottages and houses. If you have enough money and space for building a swimming pool, let it be near your house or even within it. The neighbors will be jealous.

  1. Spiral slide

All kids have dreamt about it at least once. All firefighters know something about it. If you’re neither a kid, nor a firefighter, you’ll still be happy to have a spiral staircase slide in your house. It’s functional and cool.

  1. Herb garden

This is an awesome house design idea that brings you a lot of joy and use. Plant some herbs on the wall in your kitchen, creating a perfect vertical herb garden. You’ll always have your own herbs without leaving the kitchen.

  1. Staircase full of books

Creating a bookcase staircase will save you a lot of space. It’s a nice possibility to remind everyone about the books you have. Increase the number of books you read in a month in such an easy way.

These ideas may help you turn the house into the most awesome place in the whole city.