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Purpose of treadmill desks

Purpose of treadmill desks

A treadmill desk is a desk that is designed to help people work while they walk on the treadmill. The desk is a proper working station and can even have a computer to work on. There are a lot of things said about the way people become lazy because they mostly sit during office hours and work but they do not give their bodies enough exercise.

The workstation treadmill concept has been introduced to deal with this issue. This has introduced a light exercise into the lives of those people who would normally sit at their desks for long hours and keep working there. Muscles need to be stressed, even if the stress is very mild, so that the muscles keep performing well and the body doesn’t lose its power.


The treadmill desk does not only help you get exercise but also helps you burn the fat that accumulates because you have not done enough to get rid of it. People have realized that they did gain weight because of the fact that they spent 8 to 9 hours sitting at their work stations and did nothing else during that time.

This treadmill desk is the perfect solution to this problem. Those who cannot leave their work do not need to do so, now that they can exercise and work at the same time.


A practical example conducted with the help of some office workers helped the surveyor come to the conclusion that walking while working does increase productivity once the workers get used to the new routine.