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Information on hanging curtain panels

Information on hanging curtain panels

Affordable and easily available, curtain panels are very popular in usage. Decorating windows and French doors can never be simpler. Curtain panels of ultramodern patterns and jazzy designs spice up a room in no time. It is mostly used in windows treatment situations and sometimes as room dividers too. It can either be used alone or combined with several other panels to create a thicker look. Based upon the type of window that you have, the number of panels to be used will be determined. The curtains can easily be slid into rods. You can improve and customize existing rod panels with the addition of clip on rings.

Things to make sure before fixing a curtain panel:

Before purchasing a curtain panel it is mandatory to make a measurement from the top of the window frame to the floor as well as from one end of the rod to the other. Also depending upon how frequently the curtains are to be opened and closed, there are several types of styles that are available including the rod-pocket, which consists of a single pocket that can be slipped onto a rod and tab-tob, where gaps are left between the rods. If you want light to flood the room, its best to place the rods several inches outside the window frame so that the panels can easily be pushed away from the glass when needed. When buying the curtain panels singly, please measure each panel before hanging. Select those panels that reach out well beyond the frame of the window to reduce heat from outside.