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How to save home space with Space
saving  furniture

How to save home space with Space saving  furniture

Designing your home to perfection is the greatest challenge that you might face, because, let’s face it, it is human tendency to hoard things- many of which we are not even aware of owning.  The bigger the house, the more things we buy and hoard and eventually the entire house is one big cluttered mess. So the only way out is to have space saving furniture that can provide solutions for storing things and de-cluttering the house.

The clutter clatter

The first step to an impressive décor is to clear the hoarded clutter. Clearing the clutter clears your mind, elevates your mood and generates positivity. Your hose will visibly brighten up when you get rid of the accumulated clutter.  Discard things that you have not used in 3 months time- if you have not used it for three months, then in all probability you do not need it at all.

Multifunctional furniture

As far as possible, install multipurpose furniture and storage options. Just because they are multifunctional, it does not mean that they lack aesthetic appeal. There are many strikingly beautiful storage and dual purpose furniture options available. For storage, using vertical wall units will save a lot of space. For the kitchen there are a lot of options like the modular cabinets with swivel shelves and racks, pull out shelves, etc. similar options are available of the bedroom too. The wardrobes could be fitted with draws, pullout shelves, pullout clothes hangers and organizers. The space below the stair case can be used for storage.

A little thought, research and perseverance can go a long way in breathing life into your surroundings by releasing the cluttered up space.