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How to customize your dining room

How to customize your dining room

A dining room doesn’t need too many things to be a nice place where you can sit with your guests to eat and chat.

Less is more, they say, so set aside your endless list of item you may want to buy and try to work with what you have already.

Subtle change in lighting can make all the difference

By carefully placing some lamps in the right places, you can change the entire vibe of your dining room: ceiling lamps are perfect for concentrating the light over the dining table, making the atmosphere intimate and cozy, while at the same time the use of wall lamps on the sides of the room creates an even effect as it distributes the light throughout the entire dining area.

Contrasting styles

Using different styles of furniture creates interesting contrast, for example pairing an antique table with minimalist modern chairs giving a balance of both old and new.

Less decorations, less colors, more elegance

While contrast can certainly make things more interesting, do not exaggerate with it.

Choose one tone for you dining room and try to stick to it. The best colors are usually the neutrals, which can enhance the overall look, if you decide do place some items (not too many!) in different colors.

As far as decorations go, not much is needed, your dining room can be made elegant and original by adding some curtains and a couple of pictures on the wall, maybe a centerpiece on the table but that’s pretty much it.