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How to clean window blinds?

How to clean window blinds?

Window blinds several purposes. These can be used to add color and style when these are chosen appropriately.  Follow these easy and quick tips to keep your window blinds clean and last for several years.

Use the brush attachment to vacuum clean your blinds. You shouldn’t vacuum up and down. You must move the brush across the slats.

You can also use a lamb’s wool duster. It is best to avoid plastic dusters.

You should always brush downwards irrespective of vacuuming or dusting. If you brush upwards, the slats get unhooked.

To remove residue and dust, you can make use of a rubber sponger for vinyl and fabric window blinds. You need to wipe the sponge across your window blinds.

To clean spots, you can make use of an all purpose cleaner. You should never spray the cleaner on the blind. Instead, you can apply the cleaner on a cloth and wipe the blinds.

Wooden blinds shouldn’t be soaked. These can be wet while cleaning. Never remove wooden blinds.

Fabric blinds can be given for dry cleaning.

Vinyl and metal window blinds can be placed on a small rug and can be cleaned with water that has few drips of dishwashing soap in it. You can use a car washing brush and then the blinds can be cleaned from side to side. Turn them over and repeat the entire process. The blinds can also be rinsed with a garden hose gently. Remove the excess water and let the blinds dry.