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Fabulous Patio Ideas

Fabulous Patio Ideas

A patio is an open space outside your home premises mostly courtyards and backyards, used to pass leisure hours in fun and relaxation.  A patio is mainly used to chit chat with your friends while enjoying the different blends of weather.


When it comes to decorate a patio in your home different ideas come into one’s mind. These patio ideas are related to the construction, decor, furniture and coverings of a patio.


Patio are mainly constructed with concrete or stone stabs, bricks or tiles and sometimes also with cobbles. One of the most unique one for constructing a patio is the Andalusian Patio idea.


This patio idea refers to an antique look. The idea is generated from Persia of Arabia and its basic theme is to decorate your patio with greenery, fragrant flowers, and other traditional decorative figures. Wooden flooring is extensively used in this kind of patio design. You can plant creepers on the walls and roof tops to give a green effect to your patio. The window frames are also made up of wood and are highly recommended.


There is a great idea to design a cost friendly homemade patio. This is a quite cheap idea of decorating your patio. All you have to do is to select a specific patch in your lawn and try to pave this patch. First of all remove the grass and make it a smooth plain area.

If you want fill that place with concrete and decorate some plants in that place to make it a perfect patio. Use some paint of your choice to paint the top surface of the pavers. Add more décor to your patio and make it a remarkable place to relax.