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Comfortable sofa beds is good

Comfortable sofa beds is good

All of us have at some time or the other faced the situation of having extra guests staying overnight and have wished for that extra bed to accommodate them. That is definitely not a practical solution. Nor is it possible to have extra mattresses on hand all the time. Then the most practical solution would be to have a sofa that could double up as a bed- a sofa bed.

What is a sofa bed?

Simply put, it is a sofa that can be used as a bed also. These are designed in many ways. In some the mattress is folded to form the sofa, in others the mattress is slid under the sofa’s main frame to convert it into a double cushioned sofa.

How to select a sofa bed?

The proof of the pudding lies in eating it… so just plunk yourself on the sofa, lie down on it and test it for comfort and sturdiness!!! Select those with metal or hardwood frames. They are sturdier than the particle board ones. Also, the frame should have clustered springs held fast together. They are available in various sizes from small to large. The   material used to fill the cushions range from natural fibers like cotton and wool to synthetic fibers.

The material used

Many options are available with respect to the material used- they range from leather to cotton. While selecting a sofa bed opt for one that is made of sturdy material- something that can endure rough use and is easy to maintain