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Choosing futon beds

Choosing futon beds

Common use of futon beds

Futon beds are the commonly used and versatile form of furniture. The futon beds can be used as couch also and thus allows the owners to make the optimum use of the space. There are many elements which should be considered while buying the futon mattress. The materials of the futon mattress vary as per the mattress. There are varieties of futon beds and you can buy them from shops or form online stores.

How to choose futon beds?

The first choice while shopping futon is the fold style. There are two types of fold in the futon beds; the bi-fold and tri-fold. Both of the styles have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of both the types and buy as per your needs. The bi-fold mattresses are the most commonly used mattress in market. They are split from middle of single fold. The bi-fold futon beds have the similar mechanism which allows the mattress to shift like the couch for the sitting to sleeping position. This is the simple design of futon beds.

The tri fold futon beds are similar to the bi-folds but they also have the additional option of the reclining. The frame is such that it can be used to tuck beneath the sitting area whenever needed. The frame can also be used for the sleeping position. Usually the futon beds come with the specific sizes and you can choose one form them. The futon beds can be of cotton, polyester, foam, memory foam and many other materials.