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Multiple Uses Of Window Films

window film willow-privacy-adhesive-window-film ... ZNPPSHL

Window film is a thin self-adhesive polyester film that can be fixed on the interior of glass windows in homes, automobiles, boats or for that matter any buildings. It is actually a thin laminate coating that can be retrofitted on glass surfaces to improve safety, appearance and solar control. Window …

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Window Treatment Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows

window treatment ideas coordinated charm. fabric-based window treatments ... GHGOIRC

Window Treatment is an excellent way to control light or privacy or just to improve the look of any room. Window treatment ideas range from draperies to modern panels to streamlined shades.  Give a personalized effect by selecting colors and textures that express your lifestyle. This way you can instantly …

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Window Treatments – Blinds, Curtains And Shades

unique window treatments in master bedroom JQBGKPZ

A decoration or a decorating element put on or around a window is known as window treatment. The main purpose behind this is to upgrade the beauty or aesthetics of the room and the window. Window treatments provide privacy and along with control the amount of natural light entering a …

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Window Valances Can Change The Feel & Look Of A Room

window valances garden images iii austrian valance parchment 64 x 28 ODZNBBZ

Window Valances are short curtains or drapes covering the top part of the window and can conceal the window treatment hardware. Window valances are often used along with blinds, drapes or curtain and can certainly improve their look. Since blinds are neutral valances and can add a dash of color …

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