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Best House Styles in America

Best House Styles in America

A variety of styles and designs make us wonder about the look of our own house. This article will clarify the features of different styles. It may be helpful when you choose the design of your future dwelling.

  1. Craftsman style

This house style is characterized by a combination of stone and wood. Houses look like bungalows and may be long in form. This fact symbolizes the connection between nature and construction craft.

  1. Country style

The characteristic feature of this style is the existence of two windows on either side of the front door. There are five windows above them. Usually, such houses have wide porches or patios. They look cozy and inviting.

  1. Traditional style

Houses built in the traditional style have a lot in common with those in the country style. However, these houses have a subtle charm that makes them stand out. The atmosphere of coziness and comfort is present in most of traditional style houses.

  1. European style

If you see plaster walls, marble floors, and giant fireplaces, you’re probably looking at the house built in the European style. As for the exterior, these houses have distinctive roof elements.

  1. Cottage style

These houses have a big front porch. There are many built-in elements inside the house. They include window seats, dining booths, etc. The cottage style resembles the craftsman style. However, the first one looks less expensive.

Taking into consideration a huge variety of great house styles, everyone can find the house style for himself/herself.