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Bed and sofa: providing an avenue
for  comfortable rest

Bed and sofa: providing an avenue for  comfortable rest

Different pieces of furniture have their roles they play. They are very important as they are essential to man in his everyday life. There are different examples of furniture such as the chair, table, shelves etc. other examples are the bed and sofa.

The bed and sofa share a similar feature as there are sofas that serve as beds. However, not all sofas are beds as there are some sofas that are created primarily for seating. These kinds of sofas are regarded as sofa chairs or couches.


Beds are pieces of furniture used for sleeping and relaxing. They usually consist of cushioned mattresses which are placed on bed frames. These mattresses are usually resting on a sprung base or a solid base. Most beds have a base which is embedded with springs, a big mattress box and springs which provide suspension and support for the mattresses. Beds are made in various sizes ranging from small beds for kids to large beds for adults. There are also the king and queen sized beds which are created for 2 adults.

There are some beds with a single mattress fixed on a frame, there are also other kinds of beds like the Murphy bed, bunk beds and sofa beds which unfold form a sofa. There are also temporary beds such as the camp cot and air mattress. Beds often times come with headboards which serves as a platform for one to rest his head. Some other features include footboards, side rails etc. Beds also have pillows which are made to support the head. They are made with soft materials which would provide comfort to users while they rest their heads on it. There are different kinds of beds and an example is the sofa bed.


Sofa beds are beds which have a thin mattress beneath the seating cushion. This thin mattress can be opened up to form a bed. They are very comfortable and cozy as they grant maximum comfort to users. They are also a source of aesthetics to a room as they are created in lovely designs and made having beautiful colors.