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All you need to know about tub armchair

All you need to know about tub armchair


The name clearly tells what tub armchair is all about. The chair has such a unique shape that when you are sitting on it, it feels like you are sitting in a tub but obviously a more comfortable one. Tub armchairs are widely popular because of their design which gives a very bold look. People prefer these chairs as these are extremely good for the status symbol. Whenever a person sits on one of these, he gets a authoritative feeling that makes him feels like he is way above the rest. It’s elevated armrests and extended back support is what gives it that unique look. Though all tub armchairs are of medium height, their comfortable design pleases everyone. Armchairs go around anywhere in the house. Whether it is your living room, common room or bedroom, tub armchairs are useful everywhere. Because of their wider design, they take up more space than normal armchairs but also at the same time gives the occupant a good sitting area to sit in the most comfortable position.


Tub armchairs are made in a lot of materials. Most popular of these is leather which is the most bulky and expensive among all. But leather is also the most comfortable tub armchair that you can get. Other material include tub armchair with low padding and outer material made from a fabric. Fabric is a designer cloth that may have textures on it. Other materials also include man made materials such as plastic. Though these tub armchairs are very affordable but they are not very suitable for comfort because they have no cushioning in them.


There are a lot of ways to add glitter to your tub armchair. If you have a medium cushioned and fabric material armchair, then you can fancy covers for it which gives those tub armchairs a whole new look. Slipcovers also work wonders for these types of tub armchairs. For leather tub armchairs, you can get a cushion of same leather material which looks great and add to the comfort level. Designing the peripherals with different items such as other types of furniture or indoor plants is also a great idea.