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Handmade woven rugs handmade woven

Handmade woven rugs can be a part of your family legacy

Handmade woven rugs traditional handmade

Woven rugs are more of an art form than a floor covering. They are woven on automated weaving looms with multiple colored yarns and the designs often originate in the weaver s mind. Woven rugs are unique as they are handmade by skilled crafts people in India.

As they are handmade the rugs have inconsistencies and each rug will be different even if the same pattern is repeated. As they are made by hand, each piece has a distinctive lookHandmade woven rugs handmade_rug UKIIFAG appeal. They are made of pure wool that is durable while having a natural soil-repellant feature. The woven rugs have a natural sheen. Long fiber wool is used to minimize shedding. Beautiful embroidered designs on the rugs can add an element of depth and texture to the rug

Hand Made Woven Rugs

A Woven rug is made on a special loom and the knots are made by hand. It is a very ancient art that is admired over generations. The Handmade woven rugs woven rug/large over generations. The weaving of the rug starts from the bottom to the top. The process of weaving is very tedious and time consuming as the weaver ties the knots by hand. The time taken to complete a woven rug depends upon size of the rug and the intricacy of the design. In fact sometimes a very fine quality intricate rug takes over a year to weave.

Materials used to make Woven Rugs

Hand woven rugs are made of wool,Handmade woven rugs how tojute, bamboo, recycled plastic or a blend of silk and cotton or any other natural material. Silk is often used in woolen rugs to highlight or outline the pattern or to enhance the design. These rugs are budget friendly and are perfect to fit any space in your home. A classy woven rug with mosaic design will definitely brighten up your home or office.

Care and Maintenance of Woven Rugs

Woven rugs can be kept clean by vacuuming and rotatingHandmade woven rugs one ofrotating them regularly. Any dried spots or stains can be removed by scraping in the middle of spot. In case of any wet stain first absorb the moisture with paper tissues or napkins and then clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth. Professional carpet cleaners can be called in if required.

Hand woven rugs are also called oriental rugs or hand knotted rugs. Such rugs are collectible items that are passed over generations. Seeing the life span of wovenHandmade woven rugs 8u0027 roundbraidedwoven rugs they are the best value for your money. glass coffee  | 49u201d portable closet  | trestle table bradbury trestle  | 
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