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Things to know about zebra print rugs

We always have many options for your home when we talk about rugs and that too in animal prints. We have so many Animal Print Rugs for us to select from, including Animal Print Rugs like Zebra print rugs, leopard rugs, tiger rugs and many more. When we buy one of these animal print rugs especially Zebra print rugs, we will be getting a lot of options to choose from and we have to always make our choice count as they also enhance the way our house or area will look. Whether that is a leopard rug, zebra print rug or any other rug for that matter it has to be something that gives your house or room an entirely different and unique look. Zebra print rug is the perfect animal print rug for any room it must be used with a Rug Pad, which is recommended but not mandatory. The variety, colors and patterns are diverse. It is the selection that makes a difference.

Looks and Texture

Zebra print rugs are dressy, stylish, sophisticated, thinly woven, knotted finely with a solid and strong base which is very clearly defined into the patterns and gives an eye catching look along with additional visual quality and texture. It provides a strong and classy look at the same time. It adds a classy flavor to your décor as well. Zebra print rugs once meticulously finished and maintained properly thereafter ensure softness, gentleness, agility, suppleness, vigor and strength. Natural marks, color, pattern and size variations are certain inherent characteristics of the zebra print rug which enrich and enhance the looks and décor.

Variety and historical

Zebra print rugs provide a look that’s various or mid-century and makes the fashionable home with the trendy gorgeous. This space carpeting with such print options a mixture of black and white colors. Machine-woven victimization poly-olefin, this space carpeting is powerful and stays rigid for years. The carpeting conjointly contains a skinny borderline in black that adds to its appearance and sturdiness. The carpeting ought to be spot treated with water and a light detergent. However, skilled cleanup is suggested because the most popular possibility. Add a motivating part to your area with this well woven Kings Court Brown Zebra print carpeting. It is fabricated from 100 percent nylon that ensures strength and sturdiness. This enticing carpeting is brown-colored with a delicate animal print. This space carpeting is obtainable in multiple sizes for you to decide on from. This Kings Court Brown Animal Print carpeting by Well woven is fade and stain-resistant, that ensures it retains its colors for years to return. This carpeting is soft and cozy, giving superior protection against the cold.

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Things to consider while selecting an office carpet

There are many different flooring options that might be considered for an office but the advantages of going for a nice office carpet greatly overweigh all the other options. Some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while selecting a carpet for your office are discussed below. They might help you a lot in making the right buying decision.

Foot traffic

Before buying a carpet for your office, you need to carefully analyze the available space and get an idea about how much of the foot traffic is going to be there. If you do not have a workspace that remains crowded with people, you can go for ordinary carpets but if there is a lot of foot traffic, you need to find something that is more reliable.


A few things must be kept in mind while devising a budget for your office carpet. First of all, you obviously need to define a purchasing budget. Then you have to reserve an amount for the installation charges and finally you need to allocate some money for its maintenance as well.

It is quite obvious that spending more would enable you to get a nicer and more durable carpet. Before making the purchase, it is recommended to consider if you are going to use the office for just a few years or are you going to stick with it for a longer amount of time. In case you need it for a short term, going for something cheap and ordinary may work just fine for you.

Carpet types

Office carpets are available in several different types. They are typically manufactured out of nylon, olefin or polypropylene. Carpets made out of olefin and polypropylene are more resistant to stains and are cheaper in comparison to nylon ones. But if you are looking for a more durable and long term option, going for a nylon carpet is the right call.

Color and style

There is a huge variety of different colors and styles available in the market. You can either go for the color of your choice or you can keep the overall décor as well as your office furniture in mind. It is highly recommended to consider the nature of your business before making this choice as you might want to find something that goes with your theme and rightly fits in the office space.

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How to become healthier with the use of small rugs?

Small rugs give a fancy look to the interiors of the house as well as in the offices. If we have little ones running around our house then it is quite a known fact that we choose items for decoration which are able to cope up the chaos. Small rugs can be used under the tables or to land the small ones in the house. They are unintended goal of dirt and spills on a regular basis, but they also give little ones a soft place to rest. Also, infants can also use small rugs as napping place. While you’re looking for a rug for your family home, you might want to consider more than just size and color. These are one of the best rugs to use at residential premises.

Fire resistant

Small Rugs are fire resistant and this is one of the biggest advantages of rugs. Provided a fire is not chemically started, rugs are fire resistant because a high level of protein and water content in each fiber. The solid layer of rug provides a layer of protection against fire and self-extinguishes if it catches flame. It is not easily melted when there is a fire in the house. In case there is fire in the house then it does not give off smoke and toxic gas. Other than fire these have many qualities that make them different from others.

Sturdy and springy

Small Rugs are  extremely sturdy, and even if they are put under the furniture of the house for longer duration of time then it will spring back will spring back even if put under furniture for long periods of time. This feature of springing back attracts many people for preferring small rugs as it may protect their little ones as well as their pets.

Naturally hygienic

The outer layer of the small rugs pile traps filth, germs and bacteria within the rug and out of breathing space. If you have infants, kids, family members, aged people or anyone suffering from asthma, or suffer from any other dirt allergies and infections, small rugs are usually preferred because they are good at keeping your air naturally clean compared to when you are using general rugs. These are also very easy to clean or vacuum, and release dirt, filth if cleaned more severely. In other words these are health friendly, easy to use and time saving

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How to select a perfect tropical area rugs

Stone or wood flooring can look absolutely glamorous in a bedroom, but sometimes it can be more stylish and comfortable to soften things up with a beautifully placed tropical area rugs. These are large rugs which maps out a good-sized volume for relaxing or entertaining, and their size also allows them to fit neatly under the furniture feet. They will also add a sense of warmth to your room, which is very important during winter’s, and can help in protecting your flooring. Tropical area rugs come in a huge collection of colors, sizes and styles, so if you want to place some warmth fibers below your feet, here are a few ideas to help you.

What materials are best?

It’s recommended not to be careless when it comes to buying a tropical area rug since best quality natural fibers like silk and wool tend to be more expensive. Other natural fibers like sisal, grass, jute can cost less but won’t remain for long. Another quality you must to look for is how easy it can be to clean the materials, especially if you have pets. If you are in trouble deciding how much you should spend on a new area rug, you can take a look at your room’s other pieces of furniture cost and then search for rugs that are at similar prices.

What size area rug to purchase?

It’s recommended to choose area rugs that are 2 feet lower than the lowest wall in the room where they are likely to be placed. For example, if your room is 11 ft. by 13 ft., then purchase area rugs that are not more than 9 feet long.
It might happen that this rule may not work in few circumstances, such as an area rug situated in a large living rooms or dining room. For a dining room, search for an area rug that stretches at least 18 inches beyond the boundary of your dining table so that the dining chairs can perfectly fit on top. For living room, rugs should help characterize conversation areas and should be bigger enough so that the front portion of each piece of furniture is placed on top of the rug. If your living room is large enough to store more than one conversation area, you can think of buying two or more area rugs.

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Long lasting black area rugs

Coloured rugs give a perfect look to the setting of the interiors. They can be selected according to the look which one wants to give to the house or work place or commercial place, etc. Black area rugs are one of those special rugs which have the potential to give a complete different look to the place. Here there are its various pros which define the reason why people prefer black area rugs.

Royal Look

Black is always known for its magnificent and royal look. The presence of black colour gives a royal touch to the interiors of the places. Therefore, when it comes to royalty, black area rugs are favoured by the people. At commercial places where it is important to give a rich look to the place, black area rugs are necessarily used in those places. These rugs not only provide a splendid look at commercial places but also at homes.

Stain Resistant

Black area rugs possess a very unique feature that they are always stain resistant. At homes where rugs are vulnerable of getting stains, black area rugs are preferred so that the stains are not visible on these rugs. At luxurious places, like Hotels, Restaurants where rugs are susceptible to stains, these rugs show their potential of hiding all the stains and still give a royal and tidy look to the eyes.

Easy to Maintain

The dark coloured rugs have the potential of hiding the dirt and other tiny substances. Black area rugs are one of them because due to the black texture present on these rugs, they are very easy to maintain as there is no need of repetitively washing them as they can hide minute particles of dust and other filthy substances. At commercial places, where it is required to purchase rugs which are easy to handle, black area rugs are favoured to avoid the maintenance issue. These rugs also cover area in our homes because of their ability of low maintenance requirement.

Fire Resistant

Small Rugs are fire resistant and this is one of the biggest advantages of rugs. Provided a fire is not chemically started, rugs are fire resistant because a high level of protein and water content in each fibre. The solid layer of rug provides a layer of protection against fire and self-extinguishes if it catches flame. It is not easily melted when there is a fire in the house. In case there is fire in the house then it does not give off smoke and toxic gas. Other than fire these have many qualities that make them different from others.

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“underfoot imaginativeness of modern area rug”

Today, everyone who is looking for elegant and stylish floor covering for their home or offices, have an option of modern area rugs, in this era with new trends and styles people preferences are changed on the traditional color scheme a modern rug offers a wonderful mode to convert any room of your home or office into just about any grace decor that you might want.

It is totally on the individual and their purpose in having a modern area rug with a particular theme it can decorate an entire room with bold new should determine their purpose for wanting a modern area rug it should be considered an important task. Once that is done than comes the assignment of formative that what is the appropriate shape, size, style, material and color that best suits your decorating needs.

Types of modern area rugs

Modern rugs are bold and bright in colors if you like simple and stylish trendy look you might go for modern area rug there are some varieties of it like chic, accent, metro, bright etc. Chic rugs are with shades of variable colors, well intermingled with each other. Accent rugs are appropriate for selected areas like bath, kitchen or any other specific living area. Metro rugs they are lighter in color and most are with geometric patterns in it. The bright rugs use distinct bold colors that add a separate tone in a room.

Popular colors and patterns used

Most popular colors used in modern area rugs are wine or maroon red color. Variable feels are used for highlighted effects. Blue, Even blue, pale grey, beige, sea green, etc. are normally used. Abstract prints and Energetic organic noting seem to very popular selections for these kinds of rugs.

Why lighting is also important

Modern area rugs are mostly used to highlight a section or certain area of the room. That will work best if it is accompanied with proper lighting. Factors will make a lot of difference such as window, place of door, if you want to highlight a table place it near the window. Overhead lamps or Dim light at night at specific positions can do sensational addition in highlighting the section.

Ways to Impress

There are many way to impress your guests with modern area rugs for example by shaping –up, deciding what you want a round, rectangular or square according to your floor. With a material used in making rug you can give cozy look cool and warm not only for feet’s but also for eyes. With a power pattern modern area rug you can match the ceiling and walls with the choice of floor which will blend the place from bottom to top.

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Easy to adorn the place with inexpensive rugs

There are many Inexpensive rugs available in the market which release people from a fear of getting stains and suit their home and workplaces. People with limited budget can also set their mind to purchase these inexpensive rugs. They not only beautify the place but also show their worthiness because of their low and affordable prices.


It is a myth that rugs are preferred only by rich people. But the fact is that anyone who wants to enrich the look of the house or workplace can purchase as there are many rugs which are affordable. Rugs undoubtedly enrich the glance of the place and it is the best option when such a decorative thing is available at cheap prices. Inexpensive rugs have great benefits that they can adorn our interior and can be easily afforded. Rugs are now affordable and therefore, preferred by everyone when it comes to beautify the interiors. In early days the moment people used to think about rugs, it used to mark a question on their mind that whether it would be possible to purchase rugs within their budget. But now, People can think of the idea of decorating their place and that too in the budget because of the availability of inexpensive rugs.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are one of the inexpensive rugs which are cheap, easily affordable and fulfil the purpose of a rug. These are usually preferred at commercial places because of their durability, cheap rates and good looks. Homeowners who have limited budget and at the same time wish to decorate their house with beautiful rugs prefer synthetic rugs. Washing synthetic rugs is also very easy task and it does not require regular washing as it contains all the amazing features of rugs. Synthetic rugs are one of the oldest categories of rugs which have very good quality and are easily affordable.

Available in wide range

Now the people who are willing to purchase rugs and want them in low prices can go for inexpensive rugs and the best part is that they do not need to limit their choice as there are many options available in inexpensive rugs. There is a wide range of rugs available in the market at cheap rates. Rugs which suit the interior of the place can easily be selected as the customers need not to put a bound on the patterns and designs of rugs.

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All about antique rugs

Rugs or carpets refer to a floor covering made of cloth, consisting of an upper raised surface or an upper layer of ‘pile’ that is attached to a backing. The terms ‘rugs’ and ‘carpets’ are usually used interchangeably, but sometimes they are differentiated. Some people call it carpet when it stretches from wall to wall, or covers the entire floor, and call it rug when it is smaller, and can be laid or removed easily.

The making of antique rugs

Antique rugs or oriental rugs as they are sometimes called, are heavy textile that can have an upper and lower layer, or just one layer. They are usually made of cotton, silk or wool. Antique rugs are normally woven on a loom by hand, and is dyed. The dyes used for this are derived from plant or insect sources. For example the yellow dyes used in traditional Turkish rugs are from various chamomile species, and onions.


Antique rugs are famous for their rich designs. Some of them have a curvilinear (‘floral’) design, whereas others have a rectilinear (‘geometric’) design. In some rugs, one basic design may cover the whole surface (‘all-over design’). One common antique rug design uses a ‘medallion’, or a symmetrical pattern at the centre of the rug. This pattern is then repeated at the four corners.

Antique rugs in the western world

Antique rugs began to fascinate the western world way back from the 11th century. They were considered as goods of luxury, and symbols of prestige and dignity. They were collected in museums and by private collectors, and became the subject for scientific research and analysis. As early as the fourteenth century, the great adventurer and traveller Marco Polo wrote of the antique rugs that he had seen on his journeys. In the western European paintings from the 14th century onwards, antique rugs were regularly featured. They entered the public consciousness in the west when displayed in an exhibition that took place in 1891 in Vienna. Following the success of this, a second exhibition was held in London in 1892.

Antique rugs in the United States

The first exhibition of antique rugs in the United States was in 1893, in Chicago. Further exhibitions were held in 1922, 1926 and 1939. In 1932, a group of rug enthusiasts and collectors found the Hajji Baba club, which has since contributed greatly to the appreciation and knowledge of antique rugs in the United States.

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Why you should always buy a custom carpet?

Carpets have become a quite essential accessory for the home. Long gone are the days when home décor didn’t include carpets as its prime aspect. Carpets have been in the run for centuries and more. We all know about the history of Persian carpets, don’t we?

Back then, the carpets were used for their basic purpose of layering upon the floor. Even a hundred years back, carpets were said to have been part of nomads who used them as part of their journey to rest upon.

Often deciding a carpet for your home gets quite tough. You really can’t decide between all these multiple of choices. However, we shall provide you a quick ear-mark advice for buying the carpet next time round. Always opt for the custom made carpets. Need reasons for it, here you go.

  • The basic functioning
  • First things first, why do we buy a carpet? Obviously to provide the protection and add a little bit of sparkle to the room.
  • Carpets provide extra cushioning against the floor and protects from the chills of the weather that may rush in from the earth down below. Remember the cold on the winter seeping in form the floor.
  • Carpets are thermal resistant and they cover up any bit of colds quite well.
  • Choices on texture and pattern
  • Moving on, carpets do come in a lot of variants. They range in from one texture and pattern to the other. However sometimes we don’t find the carpet with right pattern and texture.
  • The right choice then would be to look for a custom made one as they allow the flexibility to choose the texture and pattern the way you like.
  • Fits your budget
  • Sometime that lovely bit of carpet you want may fall out of your range. It occurs frequently with us.
  • All you are left with is a compromised piece of carpet. Why fall for such tricks when you can buy a custom made carpet resembling the same piece at your price points.
  • Custom carpet gives you the option to buy a carpet of any sort of texture, pattern, and material within your budget range. That’d be quite lovely then.
  • Color combinations
  • You might be fond of some particular colors. But it’s quite hard to find the right match of carpet with the same particular color of yours.
  • Even when you find the one, you may not like the other features of the carpet. So what could one do to get themselves a nice and lovely carpet of their desired color combination?
  • Customization can be your answer to it. custom carpet allows for the color combinations as per the requirements of the user.
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The advantages and disadvantages of using floor carpet tiles

The modern type of item in the world of carpets is the floor carpet tiles which are available in plenty of colours, sizes, designs, textures and prices as well. These floor carpet tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

Advantages of floor carpet tiles:

Easy to install

As the floor carpet tiles come in sizes that are manageable, it is easy to carry the carpet and lay out by just a single person. The size and shape of the floor carpet tile can be adjusted easily depending on the place where you want to lay them or simply by using a sharp cutter. You can keep the carpet in its place with a carpet adhesive and it makes for an ideal do-it-yourself project as it is easy to install.

Strong and Durable

The floor carpet tiles are strong and durable. Even the second hand carpet tiles are able to withstand any damages and wear and tear due to the traffic on the floor. But they must be taken good care as you would with any type of carpet.

Easier maintenance and cleaning

These tiles are easy to clean and maintain as they come in sections. Vacuuming the tiles two or three times a week based on the floor traffic is sufficient to keep the floor carpet tiles clean. Food and drinks spilled on the carpet can be easily cleaned using a regular carpet shampoo. You simply can take out the affected tile and wash it, then put it back in its place after it is dry. Unlike other carpets you need not have to worry about washing the entire carpet or hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean the stained carpet tile.

Choose from various designs

You can find a huge variety in textures and colours of the floor carpet tiles and hence there are a lot of options to choose from. Also these carpet tiles can be laid as per the pattern and design that you like to make it look unique and different.

The disadvantages:

The edges of the tiles are loose and frayed

It might look good when it is new but with time, the floor carpet tiles would easily become frayed. You can also see the edges of the tiles get loose particularly if you used poor quality carpet adhesives.

Tiles become disfigured with time

The floor carpet tiles that have a rubber base are the cheaper ones and may become disfigured as time passes by. This often happens when the tile is cleaned with water and let out to dry in the sun for a longer time.