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Benefits of large living room rugs

Most homes in the US have wall to wall carpets in their bedrooms, However when it comes to the living room or the tv lounge it can be noticed the carpets are non-existent. There are numerous factors that account for that. Firstly most of the families in the US are nuclear families and as a result, there is no time for the family members to gather and enjoy some quality time together. Therefore, they don’t pay attention to their living room and leave it as it is. In this article, I will try to change this perception and tell you about the benefits of large living room rugs and why they are necessary for your house.

Pros of Living Room Rugs:

Let’s have a look briefly at the benefits that a large living room rugs will provide beside from being large.

  1. The best thing about carpets is that they are warm. This is particularly helpful in colder climates and helps in insulating the cold and keeping you warm.
  2. The carpets are super cosy, comfortable and very soft to walk or stand on. Walking on them barefoot gives a feeling of pleasure to your foot and promotes in maintaining a relaxing environment in the house.
  3. Carpets, when compared to other floors, are very economical, and timely maintenance of carpets significantly increases the lifespan of these rugs. This is particularly helpful for middle-class families in these desperate economic times.
  4. Compared to other floors, carpet floors are quiet. These rugs absorb any noise so that the hearing of walking steps in the middle of the night won’t freak you out and you can sleep as if you don’t care about anything.
  5. The safety of you children and aged parents is greatly increased if you have a large living room rug. This is because of the softness that acts as a buffer between the hard surface which reduces the impact of the fall and prevents any injuries of mishaps from happening. Which is mostly the case in other hard floors.

What to do

These are the major benefits of having a large rug in your living room. As you can the advantages are plenty, all these factors do play a significant role in promoting a healthy in-house environment which is essential for the family members if they want to bond together.

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Traditional persian style rugs to adorn your home with.

Persian style rugs (Qaleen or farsh in Persian, meaning “to spread”) commonly known as Persian carpets are a piece of thick, heavy woven material made in Iran (formerly known as Persia, hence the name). Carpet weaving skill of the Persian are an essential part of Iranian culture making Iran world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets. These rugs are a symbol of rich art and cultural values. With its array of intricate designs and elaborated yet minute detailing, Persian style rugs maybe the best traditional thing that happened to your home.

Made for a variety of different utilitarian purposes, here are some renowned Persian style rugs’ types to choose from:

  • The flat wooven rugs: Flat tapestry wooven persian style rugs like:
  1. ‘Kilim’ are used purely for adornment. They can also be used as prayer mats as in Islamic culture. These rugs are not as lasting as pile wooven rugs and are relatively cheaper because of the absence of a pile but are popular for decorative purpose in homes due to their elaborate, fine detailing and smooth textures.
  2. ‘Soumak’ is also a flat wooven type of rug but is more long lasting than a kilim. It is used as bedding, bags and domestic decorative rugs.
  • Suzani:

Suzani is an ornamental fabric which was traditionally used by central Asian people to give to their brides in dowry.  It’s a unique type of embroidered textile with silk threads in a cotton base made with chain, buttonhole or satin stitches. Usually used as a precious cloth, it can be used to decorate homes.

  • The pile carpets:

Carpets or rugs that have a pile and a backing to maintain their structures are relatively more durable than flat woven rugs or suzanis. And hence can be used for floor covering and wall to wall covering in your home without ruining their beauty. A traditional rug with exquisite designs for your flooring can give a serene and elegant touch to your home. Also, a vintage look for your home in a modern setting is chic too. An important type of unique hand woven pile rug is the Gabbeh rug. Very raw and basic, gabbeh rugs are usually seen with geometric shapes and colorful patterns.

These Persian style rugs are a part of the rich Persian culture and it’s manifold symbolical essence gives it the delicacy it needs to flaunt it’s beauty in a modern everyday Western house hold.

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Clearance rugs, true décor material

An enlivened home speak to a great deal around a man’s identity. The adornment is an unlimited thing brimming with an immense number of little parts that are most likely comprehended by females. A segment that arrives to be talked about is floor adornment. By examination at whatever point a visitor or a man who is not recognizable to that place enters, Instead of taking a gander at dividers and different decorative, the principal eye contact he/she make is with the floor underneath.

Rugs have their value

Most likely when the matter is floor enrichment there is no other thing of need progressively that mats and covers or ideally hand hitched mats and covers. These floor covers are of various sorts and styles beginning from old conventional style carpets and running to the plans that meet current present day period necessities.

Affordable Pricing

The clearance rugs are affordable, they are cheaper than the carpets and play a significant role in enhancing the interior décor of the house. The price of rag rugs falls in an affordable range. The woven clearance rugs are mostly bought by the homeowners as they are available easily and at a conceivable cost, contrary to it, the hand-knotted rugs are rarely available in the markets and have a higher price.


Rugs go about as a shield for your hardwood floors. They shield the floor from a wide range of stains and scratches. They keep the floor secured hence keeping it from different nourishment and beverages stains. Rugs are an insignificant impression of excellence and creative expression. Whether it’s your office or your home you can mix the overall look of your range with a difference or coordinating rugs relying on the state of mind of the room. Clearance Rugs serve as a viable and practical unit of your room. Additionally, rugs are utilized to upgrade and further compliment the floor covering you are now utilizing as a part of your room. You can put a mat on the floor covering and make a one of a kind and alluring shading blend.

A rug genuinely makes a room. Keeping in mind numerous individuals are shopping the machine made carpet circuit, we are devotees to: on the off chance that it makes a room, then you better make it uncommon. It is a standout amongst the most imperative pieces in a house so it must be something you cherish, associate with, and need to see for quite a while and something you want to discuss on the grounds that it will make sure to get individuals’ attention.

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Home décor using the 8×10 rugs

Rugs come in a wide variety of choices in terms of size, colors, material, styles and patterns, making them very versatile and essential for home décor considerations. Among them the 8×10 rugs, are quite popular with the home makers and interior designers when it comes to setting up a house or an apartment or just for renovations. The great feature of the 8×10 rugs is their adaptability to any home independent of the walls, flooring type or furniture. Of course what one needs to consider is the contrast that the color provides, nevertheless, 8×10 rugs could easily fit itself amidst different flooring conditions and also different furniture within the same room. An individual’s creativity can see no bounds when it comes to utilizing the 8×10 rugs for decoration.

Here we see the different places the 8×10 rugs are being used or could be used.

Living Room –

This is perhaps one of the most common places where one could find these rugs. Due to their size they are able to snug easily within a small area. Primarily, these could be found in front of the couches, with the coffee table at their center. The interior designer’s book of code says that the front legs of furniture should be in line along the edge of the rug, so as to see the rug coming out from underneath the furniture. In this case the furniture marks the boundary, and the rug fits within the furniture, with coffee table at its center, making the arrangement look compact, neat and stylish. Just an extra attention to the color and pattern of the rug while selecting one, would increase the oomph factor of the living room itself.

Dining Room –

The second most common place besides the living room, where one finds the 8×10 rug is in the dining room. Sometimes there is no distinction between the living and the dining rooms. The 8×10 rugs shows its importance here in terms of creating a façade between the sitting area and the dining area, whereby just by choosing different rugs one could see this façade developing. Again the general rule here applies that the rug should be below the front legs of the furniture, or it could completely enclose the furniture within the area of the rug.

Lobby of the hotels –

These rugs form a great addition to the hotels’ lobby where there is comparatively less traffic. There are many occasions when the hotels have a particular piece of art at their center for display. The 8×10 rugs are perfect for such occasions where this display could be set up on these rugs.

Bedroom –

Bedrooms are also equipped with these rugs, giving a certain cozy, rich and comfort look and feel. Its’ a great addition to the bedroom as it goes well with the comfort provided by the bed and extends that comfort through the soft, warm, plush feel it gives to the feet. It is generally seen at the foot of the bed, than at the sides.

The good part about the 8×10 rug is it does not follow a particular rule and could be used anywhere depending on an individual’s creativity. If the artwork on the rugs are good, they could also turn into great display piece that could be hung on the walls. If all these positives are not sufficient, the best part about the 8×10 rug is the affordability. It is so light on the purse and yet is so versatile in use. These rugs could easily bought from big stores like Walmart, Target, Ikea or could also ordered online from all over the world in amazon or eBay.

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Why are orange rugs most preferred?

The colors signify your personality. They also influence your moods. It is very important to choose colors scientifically since each colour has the effect on your health and well-being. There is a great deal of science involved in colors. You should not choose the colors randomly if you want a perfect choice. Among various colors, Orange has a special place due its association with style and positivity.

Orange Rugs

The choice of colors is important even while choosing the rug for your home. The right choice brings peace to the home and enlivens the entire atmosphere. Many people just look at colors from the perspective of maintenance. They choose the colors which are easy to maintain. Since dark colors are easier to maintain, they normally prefer them, however, there is much more to the colors than the maintenance aspect. The dark colors also become dull after some time making it appear old. You find most of the interior decorators prefer using orange colour. It is for a reason. Orange rugs has turned out to be favorite even with homeowners.

Variations in Orange colour

There are a number of variations in orange colour which make it appear unique. It will not look monotonous and the use of orange shades like peach, apricot, blood orange, carrot squash, copper etc increases the room decor. It will appear inviting and jazz up your mood. You should orange rugs sparingly to make a statement and not overuse it. You can also use complimentary colors which will enhance the look of orange. However, the use of orange in a particular room should also take into consideration foot traffic.

Managing foot traffic

You should be able to manage foot traffic in order to avoid soiling the rug. The orange rug should be used in a room which has less foot traffic. Even if it has to be used in high traffic room, you should take proper precautions like stain resistant finish and also make it spill proof. The choice of materials like polypropylene can help you keep the rug clean and wash them easily even if children play over them. The polypropylene material is long lasting and could be an ideal choice.

The Orange Rugs will look elegant and bring ambiance to the room. It enhances the appeal of the entire home. Though it is a matter of individual taste, the advantages of the orange rug can not be missed.

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Dealing with the carpet dealers

There are number of carpet dealers in each part of the world. There are so many things that the carpet dealers hide from you and you don’t even know about these things. If you are in the market and looking for carpet dealers for different purposes, you need to be a bit careful as there are so many scammers these days. All the dealers are not the same. There are also some expert and the honest carpet dealers that will help you in getting the right services.

How much you have to pay:

Whether you are looking for the cheap carpets, expensive carpets or some other services, you need to make sure that you are not over paying. You need to visit some places and get a price quote from them. Compare all the prices and go for the one who offers services at the most affordable price.

Games that dealers play:

There are few of the things through which the carpet dealers play. The first and the major things is Hand. The Hand refers to the feel of touch. How it feels when you touch the carpet? They will tell you that it so much comfortable and will force you to make a decision from your hand instead of your head. Another game that they can play is the number game. It includes the price and the measurement. There are some dealers that may cut the carpet and give you the discount. You need to be aware and focused in such a situation. Another game that they may play is bait and switched. You have ordered some other product and they may change the product. The size and the texture will remain the same but the quality will be lowered. You need to make sure that it is being packed in front of your eyes. It must not happen that you are paying for a higher class carpet and in fact you have bought the lower quality carpet.


If you are looking for some new carpets, you must ask the dealers different things. You can ask anything that comes to your mind. Don’t be worried about anything. Ask them about the class, quality and the maker of the carpet. Ask whether it is stainless or not? Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the product and then order it. Take your time and make a good decision.

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Contemporary affordable rugs

Today in this contemporary world, individuals prefer having trendy and unique rugs and carpets for their residential use. These contemporary rugs come in various designs and patterns that look extremely stunning and beautiful. These designs include geometrical as well as abstract. Also the colors used in their making are not the old traditional or basic colors but the new and the unique ones which are very vibrant and bright. Traditionally individuals did not prefer having rugs that are colored in vibrant and very bright colors, but now it is the new and flourishing trend of having rugs that give a contemporary touch and of course the ones which are trendy and stylish.


However the only problem with these contemporary and trendy rugs is of the price. Usually these trendy rugs are very expensive to buy since they are unique and also very stylish. But it is observed nowadays that the contemporary rugs are not that overpriced and do come in reasonable amount. There are several outlets opened nowadays that offer amazing discounts and deals on the rugs. These rugs are not just affordable but also very trendy and stylish with all the contemporary designs and patterns.


Some of the examples of affordable rugs include: pixel beige, ginger mix, tides that come in different colors, turquoise which is very in these days, York chocolate, rose black with white and rose red with black. Each of these designs looks very stunning as well as elegant. These affordable rugs are under the budget and the styles range from Persian to contemporary and from chic to traditional. The patterns are so funky that they can easily be placed in rooms to provide with a monochrome and a retro look. The quality of the material used in the making of the affordable rugs is definitely good also the colors used in the patterns are very striking. Some of the individuals even prefer having rugs with retro designs and patterns to give a traditional as well as a contemporary touch. These affordable rugs are made from different materials such as traditional wool, hardwearing, silk and dense polypropylene.


All of these materials are said to be durable and some of the rugs made from these materials are even stain and dirt resistant which is of course a plus point and an additional benefit. If the rugs are durable or if they have high tensile strength then of course these are preferred by the individuals.

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How to clean a plush carpet?

Floor carpets bring elegance to homes. They are used extensively in most of the homes today. Interior decorators use the carpets for improving the appearance of the homes. It is also functional since it keeps them warm under the feet. However, keeping this plush carpet clean takes effort. Unless you maintain this plush carpet properly, its life is compromised. You can extend the life of the carpet is cleaned properly using right tools. It is not enough to clean them with vacuum cleaners.

Beyond Vacuum cleaning

If you want to remove debris stuck in the carpet, you need to clean carpet using right choice of carpet shampoos. Sometimes if the carpet needs professional cleaning. The type of carpet shampoo also makes the difference. You have to choose from dry and liquid shampoos for carpet cleaning. The choice depends on many factors. A plush new carpet needs dry shampoo since it preserves the thick fiber of the carpet. Old carpets need liquid shampoos that loosen the dirty fiber and keep the carpet fragrant and clean.

Do you need professional cleaning?

If you have big carpets covering wall to wall then you may need a professional carpet cleaning. Professional cleaning may be expensive but they do the best job which saves you time and effort. You can even choose the fragrance you prefer. They also take care to use hypoallergenic products. They use chemicals which are not harmful to the environment. The use of proper chemicals keep the fibers intact.

Tips for cleaning carpet by yourself

Cleaning carpet by yourself saves you money and it is easy if you follow few tips. If you plan ahead, you can save energy and time. You need to get ready with a bucket, protective gown, apron, face mask and gloves for cleaning. Read on cleaning products so that you select the right product. Ask your family to not to come into the cleaning room and remove all the furniture from that room so that dust doesn’t get accumulated on furniture. First use vacuum before using liquid. Start cleaning from the far end and remove all the stains using vinegar or baking soda. Dry it well before using.

Maintaining plush carpet requires some effort and planning. However, the effort is worth it since the expensive carpet has to last long. Using professional services is an option only if the carpet is very big. Otherwise, it is best to do it for yourself.

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Why you should install wall to wall carpet in your house

Some decades ago Wall-to-Wall Carpets or Fitted Carpets were the preferred flooring method that was used in almost every second household. The introduction of other flooring methods coupled with the need for change of people meant a decline in the popularity of wall to wall carpets. However, the trend of fitted carpets is becoming popular again with this generation and rightly so because these carpets have certain benefits that other flooring options don’t provide. In this article, I will list down the advantages and possible disadvantages of wall to wall carpets and convince you that carpeting is the way forward.


There are numerous pros of fitted carpets. However, the main factors why you should opt for carpeting are as follows:

Reduced cost of energy that leads to increased savings. This happens because carpets naturally insulate the cold weather and keeps your house warm. Western countries with a cold climate like US and Canada this is the best reason to buy a wall to wall carpet.

Every luxury hotel or place you see in the movies you will see that almost all of them have carpeting floors and be honest carpets do give your house a premium feel and look.

Carpets don’t hurt you like other floors. Carpets are normally soft and if you accidentally fall you won’t feel much pain or get a broken hip bone!

Carpets are relatively easy to maintain. A vacuum cleaning once every week will keep your carpet clean.

Come in every color, shape and size so you have lots of options available.


Everything in this world is not perfect and same is the case with wall to wall carpets. So let’s have a look at the shortcomings of it:

The first disadvantage of carpets is that it will absorb the dust particles in the air and store it. These cause bacteria to form and may cause an allergic reaction to some people who are prone to allergies.

Secondly, Carpets aren’t durable and long-lasting, and exposure to the different chemical during the cleansing process will result in the fading of the color or damage to the fabric.

It can be clearly seen that the benefits exceed the cons, and hence I would conclude by saying that wall to wall carpets should be given priority if you are living in a cold country with a limited budget but want all the luxurious things.

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Wholesale carpet services

Carpet not only makes the house look beautiful but is warm and soft along with the extremely useful feature of trapping dust and allergens in the room. There is no doubt that a soft feeling that a carpet imparts to the feet enhances the cozy effect of the rooms especially the living room used for entertaining guests. There is a host of wholesale carpet services who provide professional service right from selecting the pattern to installation and maintenance.


There are many wholesale carpet outlets where one can find a large collection of carpets of various designs and textures. There are many outlets which are not just confined to selling carpets but also provide services such as room measurement and carpet installation. These companies are involved in overall floor designs such as vinyl flooring, maple flooring etc besides carpeting services.


Professional installation of carpet involves the following steps which should be followed to the letter.

Firstly, the surface should be smooth, clean and dry. The professionals would take care of this aspect at the outset of starting work. Secondly, prior to the installation of carpet pad, the installer will either glue or nail tack strips in order to keep the carpet in place? The pad is then laid and fixed with glue or staples. Thirdly, lining of seams of seams is done which is difficult for patterns and simpler for solid carpets though the professional installers can easily accomplish it. Lastly, stretching the carpet is done by the professionals in accordance with the industry standards.


These are the carpet categories.

Texture design gives a velvety look which may be lightly textured or deeply textured. It also gives a feeling of smooth cut yarn.

Loop design is a modern version of handicraft styling. It imparts a sophisticated and elegant look to the room.

Pattern design consists of cut and uncut loops with beautiful designs.

Twist design is a light coloured design and is graceful.


In the era of internet it is but natural that most of the wholesale carpet outlets would ply their business through the websites. There are many websites of different outlets where detailed information about the services they offer is displayed along with slide shows and photographs of different type of carpet designs and flooring. The competition is intense and each company tries to make the websites and services as attractive as possible for the potential clients.