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A guide to buying carpet

Carpets are a great addition to one’s house/apartment, as they give a great contrast to the house or apartment depending on which kind of carpet is used. The very same feature of controlling the contrast of the house just by changing the fabric on the floor, makes buying carpet a viable option. Apart from this, the carpets also carry additional advantages like hiding dirt, enhancing comfort by providing the soft feel, insulation from cold and protection from impact, especially for kids.

With a whole assortment of different kinds of carpets available out there, here is a list of points to consider for buying carpet.

Types are carpet

Buying carpets are a great option for house and for that particular reason, one needs to understand the different types of carpets available out there. The three major categories are cut-pile (where the yarns woven by machines/handmade are cut), the loop pile (the yarns are not cut) and cut-loop-pile. Each of these give a unique texture to the carpet. In terms of pros and cons, there is no winner here. This is more of a preference on how one prefers. Within these categories, they are further categorized, but these are the top three to be considered.


There is one particular thought to be considered before buying carpets, if they are going on the wall or on the floor. The carpets come in different fibers like wool, cotton, nylon, etc. Around 90% of the homes in the United States with carpets have opted for the synthetic nylon carpets. Other than nylon, other synthetic materials in use are polyester and polypropylene. The big onus for the synthetic materials is the price. The synthetic carpets range from $5 to a maximum of $50 per square yard. The primary reason for this is that the synthetic fiber carpets are usually machine-made, however, the woolen ones are usually man-made. This range from $45 to $100 per square yard.

Patterns and colors

The carpets come in a whole assortment of patterns and colors. The type of colors and patterns are an important point to consider before buying carpets, as they could be dependent on the presence of kids and pets. The synthetic ones are again a favorite here, as they are dyed in synthetic dyes, which are stain resistant do not bleed much in case they are wet. The synthetic fibers also come in different patterns and also enables them to be used for outdoors as well as indoors. Woolen ones primarily are for indoors and are generally dyed in natural colors, which makes maintaining them a messy proposition. Also it might not be safe with kids and pets around.


The last major consideration for buying carpets is the size of the carpet. One must decide if the carpets are for the apartment floors or the walls. If they are going to be used within one room or more rooms or within small area. The different dimensions available here are room carpets (covers entire room area), area carpets (specific area size required) and carpet runners (long narrow carpets for stairs).

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Dazzling oriental rugs: iranian rugs

Iranian rugs also called Persian rugs are one in all the oldest oriental rugs. Consistent with several collectors these rugs are the best oriental rugs all over the world. Iranian rugs add real class to any area, and their distinctive hand-knotted character makes them stand out in comparison to machine-made rugs.

Never go out of Trend

Unlike different style trends that return and go, Iranian rugs never go out of trend and style. Invest during a ancient urban center or Zieglar floor covering, and you’ll ne’er ought to worry regarding whether or not it’s in fashion or not. Ancient Oriental rugs feature classic styles and colours that are praised for hundreds of years, and aren’t going out of trend anytime presently.


There’s a reason why societies across the world have cherished Iranian rugs for hundreds of years – it’s as a result of their high-quality character makes them a high-value, sturdy smart.

An Oriental floor covering accrues price over time; several are competent generations and hold vital sentimental price, too. As a result of Oriental rugs are plain-woven with robust fibres (typically high-quality, all-natural wool) and created by hand, they will endure regular wear for years and years. Hand-knotted Iranian rugs are the foremost sturdy rugs you’ll be able to own. As a result of they contain no glue or adhesives, they are doing not decay like machine-made rugs (which typically last from 3 to 10 years). Every strand of wool or silk hand-knotted floor covering is coiled around an adjacent knot and secured with its own knot. These rugs will stand up to decades of significant traffic and still look pretty much similar to what you brought them home.

Ecologically Friendly

Compared to artificial and other machine made rugs, Iranian rugs are safer and higher for the atmosphere. Oriental rugs are made from all-natural materials and all-natural dyes, which means that they don’t produce toxins and fewer allergens. Whereas some machine-made rugs are extremely burnable, wool Oriental rugs aren’t.

Beautiful for Home Environment

Iranian rugs decorate your home environment in a very beautiful way that draws attention of all your visitors to the home. Because Iranian rugs which are one of the oldest rugs are woven by hand and thoroughly designed, they’re a lot of Byzantine and distinctive than artificial rugs. Several Oriental rugs serve 2 aesthetic purposes: they set the “tone” of a space from afar, and supply beautiful prowess once viewed up shut. A high-quality Oriental furnishing is sort of a work of art; show it during a space and it’ll capture the eyes and a focus of your audience.

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Floor rug and their designs and uses

Floor rugs are the thick textile materials and used for the floor covering. After the introduction of machine manufactured items it has been used throughout the entire world and most commonly in the American houses. In both United States and England rug is used for partial covering of floor which distinguishes it from the carpet. There are numerous uses of these rugs at homes. They are available in market in different designs and borders. They are available in various colors and you can choose the color matching your floor or matching the color of your furniture and curtains.

Structure and specifications

The designs normally consist of the pattern at the center of the rug and a border design. The latter of the rug is like the cornice on a structure or a frame of a picture. The design of the inner field and the border should be distinct but harmonize. The border mainly contains three basic elements, the main band which distinct in width accordingly with the size of the rug. The guard stripes are the other elements which are same on both the sides of main band. The field decoration includes panel composition, allover pattern and a medallion pattern. The allover pattern design is of identical repeats and equal spaced from the sides.


There is a design of Floor rugs known as varied motifs. This design is similar to the garden carpets, representing the woods and parks which was the feature of palace grounds of Persia. Vase pattern is another very common design and is inspired from the Middle East textile designs. It is quite popular even in United States. It contains rectangular pattering design. The medallion design contains elaborate motif implied on the center of the field and is mostly consisted of corner pieces. There are some alternate uses of the floor rugs as well.

In United States people decorate their homes by using decorative rug as the shade of lighting. It can be used for upholstery. Many people have been seen using these rugs for ceiling treatment. A soft rug can work nicely as a duvet. The relatively smaller rugs can be used on the top or the side of the table to enhance the impression of furniture. Some smaller rugs have been put in front and inside the doors and it look beautiful. The rugs can be good for yoga as they are not slippery as compared to the ordinary carpets.

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An overview of tribal rug

Tribal rug has the ability to add some amount of extra appeal to wherever you put them in your house. They are more preferable to be used in rooms that are larger in size and does not look very good in smaller rooms due to the impression they deliver. You can place such a rug in your living room as a centerpiece and it would totally transform the room into something more beautiful and appealing. Tribal rugs have greatly evolved over the years and the modern form of these rugs is designed on the pattern of nomadic rugs.


Tribal rugs are normally smaller in size. They come in different sizes starting from 2 feet, going all the way up to 8 feet. You can use these rugs to bring about appeal and beauty in your office or home. While buying these rugs, you might feel a slight difference in the patterns of the ones that are made by urban people and those made by nomads so you need to know that rugs made by nomads are more exotic and more appealing.

Fine piece of ancient art

These rugs are smaller than the other usual types of rugs but they are greatly valued as they deliver in their texture the image of ancient skills and craftsmanship that have been passed on by one generation to the other. This quality makes these rugs a perfect piece of art. A unique and appealing combination of durability and beauty is offered by these rugs which makes them the perfect choice for a house or an office. Some of the trendiest contemporary interior designs now make use of tribal rug in living rooms as well as master bedrooms.

Use tribal rugs in combination of furniture

There are various designs of tribal rugs available in the market and it might become a bit difficult for you to choose which one to go for. In such a scenario, you need to consider the type and style of the furniture placed in the room where you planning on placing the rug. Since these rugs look nicer in larger rooms, you might be willing to buy one for your living room. Before buying, you need to take a careful look at the type and color of your living room furniture and buy the rug that goes with the type, texture and color scheming of your furniture in order to make the perfect match.

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Why handmade rugs are a better option

Technology is growing rapidly. We are even expecting singularity where the computers cross the human brains’ ability. That is not far away. When the world moving towards this direction at such a high pace, there are few things, even today where technology not able to give us. Some things like handmade rugs. It is so appreciated were even the machine was not able to bring that kind of look and finish. That is the reason there is so much craze for handmade rugs.

Why handmade rugs are appreciated so much?

To answer this question, we should have a comparison between the machine finish rugs and handmade finish rugs. Machines are good, in fact, it is very good. Once it is programmed to do a job it will do it without any mistakes. It will keep on working. Unlike humans, it doesn’t need time for eating and sleeping. It can go on working without any rest. The programs in the machines are sophisticated. Particularly when it comes design and patterns, they have to create something, which is accepted universally. They have to sell it to masses. In this case, there is no customization. You have to buy what they sell.

That is the first and big advantage of the handmade rugs. You can ask for the design, and you can say the color, and you can even tell them about the materials. Now you’re creating a unique rug where no one can find them anywhere. It is your taste, and you can happily have that in your home. Next to that is the quality. Handmade rugs will always be of a better quality than the manufactured rug. The manufacturing industry will have some mixes in the material they use. They do it for various reasons. In handmade rugs, there are not such things.

The difference in the cost:

There is not much difference in the cost. Usually, when you order to make a unique rug, you may have to pay more. Other than that the costs are almost similar. In fact, in some cases, the manufactured products are little more expensive. They cost it, mainly for the brand and the packages. It doesn’t that you can avoid all these when you buy handmade rugs. However, you may see a significant difference in the cost. These manufacturing industries will always charge way higher than these people who make handmade rugs for you.

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Why you should have braided area rugs in your house

Decorating a house is a task that requires wise decision making and careful selection of accessories that will go with your chosen item. You can’t wake up one morning and pick things expecting to achieve your desired state of affairs at home. You’ll need to be inspired and seek help if you can’t decide on some of these things alone. Your house can’t be complete if you do not have some items. If you’ve been weighing options and thinking whether or not you need to have braided area rugs, then here are reasons why you must go shopping for these accessories.

For Floor Protection

Area rugs are perfect for protecting your tiled or hardwood floor. Your house gets a lot of traffic every day, and you need something soft to reduce the pressure and traffic created when you and your loved ones are going in and out of your house. Such movements may look easy, but they affect the floor of your house. However, you also need to make sure that the cover you are using both protects your floor and decorates it. Braided area rugs are, therefore, a perfect choice as they will absorb shock resulting from movement and decorate your floor too.

Ideal for Many Home Designs

With the many designs coming up day in day out, you need to get décor accessories that can go with a wide variety of home building designs and even the various themes we can choose for our indoor decorations. If you want rugs that will match your designs whether minimalist or modern design, then you should get braided area rugs. Square and rectangular ones will be perfect for you because they go well with the attractive designs. If you can select the colors well, you’ll have the best and most beautiful décor at your home.

Work Best for Many Rooms

Whether you want to use for kitchen or living room, braided area rugs will always give you a perfect design and make your rooms beautiful. In fact, you pick the same rugs and use for different rooms provided you do not use same patterns everywhere making too matchy for your house. Though there is no restriction, it’s good to blend them well.

You now have reasons to invest in these type of rugs. Whichever design you choose, these are indeed, excellent accessories for your home. Select them carefully and you’ll live to enjoy a beautiful home environment.

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Choosing the best chenille rug

Rugs are awesome! Not only they are compact but they will also significantly improve the aesthetics of your house and give it a modern and beautiful look. There are many types of rugs out there on the market, ranging from wool rugs to jute rugs. However, in this article, I will be concentrating on telling you about the key factors to consider when buying a Chenille Rug. These rugs are increasingly popular nowadays because of their softness and thickness which makes it a good surface to walk on and is comforting if you are barefooted. In addition to that, they offer a lot of variety and come in every shape and size so you can easily find a rug that suits best with your room or house.

What you should consider-

Room Dimensions:

When buying a chenille rug, it is important that you keep in mind the area or room where you will be placing your rug. If you are placing it in a formal setting or a guest room, then you should opt for a chenille rug that mimics silk so that it looks and feels premium. On the other hand, if you are going to use it in a bathroom then it is suggested to buy a cheap one. If you live in a traditional house that isn’t too modern in its looks, then you should have a look out for those braided chenille rugs as they come in different color schemes and will surely fit in well the color and decoration of your house. It is also important that you keep in mind the dimensions of the room and buy the rug that whose size compliments the room well. A small rug in a large room or a large rug in a small room will be a complete misfit.

Prefer Quality:

Last but not the least, don’t fall for those cheap rugs available in the market as chances are pretty high that they will be of poor quality, and you will end up wasting your money. So it is always suggested always to prefer quality over quantity or price.

These are just some of the major factors that you should weigh in before buying a chenille rug because in the end it is for your benefit only and it will guide in buying the best rug for your room or house.

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Rugs and home make a good combination.

Designing your home with wood panels and tiles often gives your home an empty, cold feeling. But thanks to rugs, the day is saved! Rugs play an important role in floor fashion and adds to the overall look of your home. Rugs and home make a good combo!

How is a rug different from carpets?

A rug is basically a loose laid floor covering or a carpet with a defined margin. A proper term used to turn a carpet into a rug with a specific material applied to the edges of it is known as ‘carpet binding’.

Why add a rug?

Do you think you need some affability in your house? Is it too gloomy? That’s probably because you don’t have a rug in you else’s perfectly decorated room. A rug makes a room feel cozy adding warmth to it.

Where to put a rug?

Keeping in mind that there are different qualities of rugs to choose from, go for a durable pile woven rug for the outdoor settings. It will give off a welcoming vibe to your house. You can put more delicate rugs indoors to give a certain depth to your home.

What should be the texture of the rug?

Rugs come in a diverse variety of textures, appearances and forms. If you are dubious of what type of rug to put in your home, you should question yourself this: Are you going to put it indoors or outdoors or on a wall? (Placing a very pricey rug outdoor can be a very bad idea. These rugs should be of a durable material, usually made of natural fibres like wool for a long lasting experience. While indoors it can basically be any material as it is going to be kept in the cozy protection of your home). Is it going to get moisture? (If you place a rug that may get subjected to moisture, you should opt for a rug with synthetic fibres like acrylic). And lastly what feel do you want your rug to give? (Synthetic fibres like nylon and acrylic maybe durable but a natural fibre rug will give a smoother feel)

Define your area with a rug:

Give a definition to your house by adding an area rug in your home interior. Adding a rug in the centre of a living room can give a modern edge to your home. Rugs and home complement each other. Without a doubt, a rug can be an essential part of your home decor.

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Comfort with plush carpet tiles

Carpet is a popular product in the floor coverings. The carpets have become famous because of the softness they provide and the warmth they provide. Moreover the carpets are a good source of sound absorption. The carpets are easy to maintain and they are durable to great extent. It is important that you choose the carpet of high quality within your specified budget. Carpets are usually used in the living rooms and not much needed in the bedrooms. The texture of any carpet depends on the pile. Pile means the top surface of carpet which varies in ts height and density. The more stitches means the carpet will be more durable.

Description of plush carpet tiles

The plush carpet tiles are the tiles with heavy cut pile and the pile is woven tightly and deep. This is the reason that when this carpet is used there are chances that it will show the footprints when walked on it. Carpet padding is the padding which is done between the subfloor and the carpet and this is usually done in the plush carpet tiles. The caret padding enhances the performance of carpet as the thermal insulation and additional values are added to the life of the carpet. It is your choice whether you want the carpet with padding or without padding as both are available in market.

The plush carpet tiles have many advantages and the most important one is the comfort that it gives in covering the floor. The construction is such that they are closely spaced and thus the carpet gives the cushioning effect. In case of the plush carpet tiles usually there is no need of pads. These types of carpet are a great option for those homes where the children and adults like to sit on the floor.

Deciding on plush carpet tiles

The plush carpet tiles are also good from maintenance point of view. The style of these carpets is such that they are soil and stain resistant. The protective chemicals can be used to remove the stains and some of them are already used during its production and thus it prevents the tacked dirt. The plush carpet tiles have many advantages but they are also bad n some terms. They are not a good source in case of heavy traffic areas. Moreover they leave the traces where the vacuum cleaner is used. It is upto your personal choice whether you look at its positive points or negative. But it is good to used plush carpet tile in low traffic areas.

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Modern home floors using modular carpet

Modular carpet is an innovation brought to the traditional carpet. This kind of carpet consists of carpet tiles that you can place any way you like on your floor and design it the way you want to.


Easier to install

Broadloom carpet comes in long rolls which are so hard to carry and be delivered to your home. With modular carpet, you don’t have to worry about your car not having enough space for your carpet, as they are small tiles and can easily fit. Ease of installing modular carpet is one of the best things about it. You do not professional help and you also don’t have to worry about edges not fitting. You can always move the tiles around to adjust.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

One of the biggest hassles with broadloom carpets is that if they get stained it is very hard to clean them. Maintenance of a modular carpet is fairly easy. There is no need to remove the whole thing to clean it and then wait for it to dry. You can easily remove the tiles that need washing and place them back.


It is more durable and lasts longer. It does not easily get ripped and the threads do not get loose. Even if a part of it gets ruined, you can replace that part without having to buy a whole new carpet.

Unlimited designs

The biggest upside about modular carpet tiles is that when you use these, the possibilities are endless. You do not have to search for one design that goes with the whole room. The tiles are available in every color and pattern. You can place them vertically, horizontally, zigzag or any way you want to. It is all about being creative. Mix different colors with different patterns to give a contemporary look to your space. Modular carpet works great in office spaces too. If you get too tired of one look, you can move the tiles around and make it into an entirely new design without needing to buy anything.

Environment friendly

There is no waste produced during the installation of this carpet while the other type of carpet produces a lot of waste. You don’t need to use glue to install it which makes it more environment friendly. The glues used to install broadloom carpet causes respiratory problems but with modular carpet you don’t have to worry about that.