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“Zebra print rug is a remarkable mat for your home”

The rug is an animal skin that is used for floor covering. It is made of thick wool. It’s a floor mate that is prepared from animal skin. It is also used mosques and palaces. It is getting used all over the world. Persia is most ahead in all countries producing rug. Turkey, The Caucasus, Egypt, India, China and North America are also producing Rug.

History and tradition

From last three generations, The Jafri Family is producing and designing and viewing hand-knotted rugs and carpeting from Pakistan, India, and Nepal to Western Europe.  The US is also leading state in production of rugs. The technique of producing rug is used in America but most of the tribes are making flat woolen floor rugs. RUGSAMERICA is a leading company in the production of the rug in America. They are providing dedicated services to their customer according to customer’s taste since 1994. The principles have over 30 years’ experience in rugs market. Due to this RUGS America is a leader in the production of rugs in the world. With fashion forward team in the company, it is possible to produce stylish rugs for today and tomorrow at the ease prices. RUGSAMERICA has achieved the 95% order fulfillment rate of customers. This company has produced almost all type rugs.

Types of zebra print rugs

There are many types of rugs. One of the popular rugs is Zebra Print Rug. It has a unique style and made of Zebra’s skin. It gives a unifying theme in your room. It can be put up into the study room, a spare bedroom and in the basement also. This gives a stylish look instead of traditional green, brown and Persian rugs. This rug can also be used to design a modern office. Start with one wall with the bright accent colors like a bright teal or red. After that choose desk, it can be a glass desk or mirror style. Add a gallery wall with a mix of art and photographs in different frames and colors. After that, you can add a light lamp into that room.

This rug is prepared from black and white animal print and hand-carved from 100% wool pie. It is made from polypropylene. The best material is used to prepare these rugs. A machine sized by four by five foot is used to produces it. Zebra Print Rug’s production process is too much easy that you can prepare it at your home also.

when we moved into our home there was wall-to-wall carpeting in our HBWXCTK

Is wall to wall carpeting the right choice for your home?

The choice of carpet and how you use it makes a lot of difference to the appearance of your Home. The functionality and aesthetics the right carpet brings are amazing. It can simply increase the value of your home manifold. As you know carpets are used for a purpose. It is not just to liven up the appearance of the home. It is also used to keep you warm under the feet along with filtering dust at your home. However, there is certain wall hanging carpets which are purely for decorative purposes. The type of carpet you choose depends on the requirements you face. To enhance the design, you may choose a wall to wall carpeting.

Wall to wall carpets

The wall to wall carpeting is becoming the latest trend for bathrooms. They make bathrooms trendy and make it look elegant. While choosing and fixing wall to wall bathroom carpets, use water-resistant adhesive to fix it strongly. You should also keep in mind that certain styles like needle punch and loop styles are preferred options for area rugs. You should also take care to use bathmat over carpeting to absorb water. You could make the wetness get absorbed by placing a towel on the carpet and walking over it. It will make your carpet dry fast.

Is it costly?

There are a lot of online stores offering wall to wall carpeting. It could be cheaper to select the designs from online. You can also cut the carpet according to your requirement to fit the wall. Make sure you get skid free rubber to enhance safety in the bathroom. You could also choose the carpet which is stain and shade free. The colors can be chosen to match the room colour. The cost could range anywhere between $45 to $55. This could vary with many providers. You could also get discounts from online shops. You should be patient to choose the right wall to wall carpeting product.

Cleaning wall to wall carpets

Wall to wall carpeting is not easy to maintain. Since the length of the carpet is big, it is difficult to clean all by yourself. It is better to approach a professional cleaning service to keep them clean. The proper maintenance can enhance the life of these carpets. It will also help the carpets stay new and avoid any damage. Since these professional cleaning companies use sophisticated methods to clean it is advisable to choose them for the long term benefit.

Wall to wall carpeting enhances the elegance of Homes. Using them for bathrooms has become a new trend which improves the functionality and appearance of the bathroom. Hence, choose wisely and also take the help of professional cleaning services to maintain them properly.

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How to buy room size rugs?

The Room size rugs come in different sizes and colors. You have to choose the right size rug depending upon your requirement. You have to consider room size to buy a right fitting decorative room rug. Decide on the room for which you are looking the rug. The size and colour of the rugs depend on which room you want your rug to be placed. A children room needs a bright colour rug. A simple rug is preferred by elders for their rooms. Elders may not like complicated designs. The design of the rug for a living room depends on the furniture and the decor of the room. To make it look more attractive, choose contrasting colours.

Factors to Decide

You have to decide on the room the rug is going to be used. It determines the material to be chosen. A high foot traffic room needs a rug which is more durable. If it is used in the dining room then you should consider spills and moisture. A rubber rug is preferable than a normal rug where moisture is more. A rug which is going to be placed near the door has to be able to trap the dust. It requires a nylon rug to withstand the foot traffic. The size of the rug need not be the size of the room since certain rooms like in bedroom cupboards occupy most space. Hence, a rug about 30 percent smaller than the room size may be enough. However, you should but the room size rugs at your discretion.

Where to select?

Measure the open space in the room allowing for a small gap. If furniture is going to be placed on the rug then allow some legroom and buy 30cm bigger rugs than the size required. You can shop online for best designs and buy the room size rugs that satisfy your requirements. When you are choosing the rugs, visit online stores and check the internet for modern designs. You will be able to find a lot of varieties. Consider the type of material, designs, shapes and colour to determine the best rug. You can also get the best deal online apart from knowing various designs and the trend in the market. A traditional looking rug can be chosen for an old house. However, if you choose a contemporary design with the blend of traditional design, it brings elegance to the entire home. It is not that older designs don’t look good but the blend of modern and traditional make it trendier to the times.

odilia coastal flora ivory/turquoise indoor/outdoor area rug IXBDQXV

Uses of outdoor area rug

The outdoor area floor rugs are utilized as a part of the homes to conceal a particular bit of the floor. These are for the most part put close to the restroom entryways, kitchen entryways, and primary entryways. These are principally made of a woollen material or some comparative sort of fabric. These are some of the time made of cotton as well. The rugs are extremely valuable in keeping the house clean. They additionally directly affect the general look of your home. The floor rugs are a wellspring of keeping up cleanliness all through your home.

There are a few sort of floor rugs that are accessible in the business sector. The rugs might be goaded, hand sewed, snared, twined, twisted, and stitched. Generally, you would locate a straightforward woven mat in the business sectors. Floor rugs can without much of a stretch be cleaned utilizing vacuum cleaners.

Points of interest

Rugs go about as a shield for your hardwood floors. They shield the floor from an extensive variety of stains and scratches. They keep the floor secured subsequently keeping it from various support and refreshments stains. Rugs are an unimportant impression of brilliance and inventive expression. Whether it’s your office or your home you can blend the general look of your extent with a distinction or planning rugs depending on the perspective of the room. Outdoor area Rug serves as a suitable and useful unit of your room as well as any place outside of your house. Moreover, rugs are used to redesign and encourage compliment the floor covering you are currently using as a piece of your room. You can put a mat on the floor covering and make a unique and appealing shading mix.

Reasonable Pricing

The outdoor area rugs are reasonable, they are less expensive than the rugs and assume a noteworthy part in upgrading the inside stylistic theme of the house. The cost of cloth rugs falls to a reasonable extent. The woven outdoor area rugs are for the most part purchased by the mortgage holders as they are accessible effortlessly and at a possible cost, in spite of it, the hand-woven rugs are once in a while accessible in the business sectors and have a higher cost.

Little Sized Outdoor area rugs

They are set in the zone such as entryways, the passageway of kitchens and bathrooms, in corridors and so forth. These are spots, which for the most part effect the inside stylistic theme. The floor rugs being light in weight are little in size as well. This aide in putting away these rugs effectively. They can be effortlessly collapsed up and put away when not being used.

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Importance of broadloom carpet

Carpets are one of the most important parts of furniture. They cover the part of the house which we use the most, that is the floor. Carpets influence the look of the room and also contribute to the decoration of the room by matching with other items that are seen in that room such as the furniture and the color of the walls. Carpets are used to cover floors and this shows how important floors are to us. We need to spend ample time on the floor to make sure that we get the best one maid. Decorating it with marble or ceramic tiles is something that is common nowadays as these things provide extra beauty and mental comfort. It is important that you choose the right type of flooring because you cannot get it changed whenever you want, so you need to make your decision carefully. One of the most popular carpets is broadloom carpet. It is unique in the sense that it covers wall to wall distance in rooms. The name suggests that the carpet was made on looms which were broad. This makes the carpet use minimum seams and very low number of joints when it is used to cover a large area.


The lower the number of joints there are in a carpet, the better is the look that the carpet provides. This is one of the reasons that broadloom carpets are used often. They are available in many colors and are not only unique because of their size but also because of the ability to endure hard use. Some carpets are even resistant to fire and have a life which is longer than other carpets. Broadloom carpet can be cut into a smaller piece carpet as well and this can then be used to cover a specific area that you want the carpet for. This does not only fulfill your requirements but also provides a design which also influences the look of the room.

Fitting it in the room

Fitting the broadloom carpet in the room is not so easy. The specific width that the carpet comes in makes it a bit difficult to fit it in the room. Sometimes, two or more pieces of the carpet will used to cover the room if its width is less than the width of the room. But the carpet can be cut to requirements if the roll is wider than the room.

living room area rugs great ideas for updating with area rugs. PYXQJVL

Smart application of living room area rugs

There is one particular form of rug, which is a clear favorite among the home maker and the interior designers, living room area rugs. The most surprising fact about this kind of rug lies in its simplicity and versatility. The living room area rug could easily snug itself to any home with any set of furniture, the only consideration one must give to, is the color contrast coming off it. The most common among the living room area rug is the 8’x10’ rugs, which are found almost in all the homes in the US and the Europe.

Let’s look at some of the smart ways to use this rug.

Sitting Area –

The sitting area in the living room is best location to use the living room area rugs. Their application here with the sitting furniture gives sitting area a very neat and cozy look. The interior designers prefer to use it in a way where the furniture could be placed at the edge of the rug and coffee table is placed at the center.

Dining Area –

In many homes, the living room is large enough to accommodate the dining area too. In these cases, the living room area rug helps to create an invisible wall between the sitting area and the dining area, giving a very neat and contemporary look to the apartment. The contemporary designers love to work with these rugs.

Fireplace –

Another impressive way to set up the living room area rug, is to put them in front of a fireplace. This is an excellent location to place the rug, along with a few cushions, giving a very warm and appealing look to the home, and the entire arrangement itself. Depending on the feel of the rug, usually a soft plush rug, there could be cushions and blankets placed on it. As the rug provides great insulation and fireplace keeps one warm, this is an apt location to settle down on a chilly evening.

What is so refreshing about the living room area rugs, is their availability in different sizes, which makes them truly versatile for different smart applications. Some of the major points to consider before buying such a rug, is, quite obviously, the size of the rug. The fact that it could be so versatile could become a drawback if the size if not taken in to consideration. So make sure you measure the area of the rug required, to an exact value. Apart from the size, the living room area rug, comes is a whole assortment of patterns, colors and styles. To select the rug for the right application, it is necessary to understand the different aspects of the living room area rug, before deciding to buy the rug.

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The trust worthy carpet suppliers

Carpets are the piece of interior that are used to décor a home. The most important thing to consider is to think about where to buy the carpet. Everyone investing in carpet buying is always looking for the most reliable place to buy high quality carpet. Here we are going to discuss few places where carpets can be bought.



A vast range of variety of carpet is available at few departmental stores. The carpet suppliers enjoy a profitable business as the profit ratio is very high in carpet rug sales. From large expensive carpet to small carpet rugs for the bathroom, all kind of variety is available with these departmental stores. The plus point of this kind of carpet suppliers is that most of them also offer the home delivery service for their customers.


Under this label comes all the carpet suppliers like home depot, home base, lowes and may more who promise to sell carpets with the best possible rate to its customers but this is not true. Actually these kind of carpet suppliers charge a huge rate of commission ranging from 30$ to $50 from their customers, moreover, the carpets sell by them carry private labels on them so it becomes very difficult for the buyer to differentiate between different kind of carpets. Another drawback of these big box home center carpet suppliers is that they do not offer a free carpet installation service. So, purchasing carpets through these sources is never recommended.


Besides many other sources of carpet suppliers, giant super stores also deal with carpet sales business. These are the large carpet depots and warehouses that hold a huge variety of all kind of carpets with them. As these super- duper carpet stores need large investments in running their spacious stores so it is considered that these carpet dealers also generate high rate of profits from their customers. So, in order to purchase carpets through these super stores a high budget is also required.


Actually these are the best carpet suppliers available in the market because they not only hold a vast variety of carpets but these also offer huge profit margins to their customers.

Usually the impression created by these carpet suppliers is that they sale ‘carpets at cost’.

Any kind of variety you are looking for in the town will be found with these brokers or wholesalers. Because they deal with huge quantity so usually they charge almost no profit from their customers, as the revenue they generate is from the selling of huge orders.

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Dos and don’ts of carpet fitting


Carpet is amongst one of the most popular flooring choices for households in the US and rightly so. Carpets are much cheaper than other flooring options like wooden or laminated floors. In addition to that, carpets naturally keep the house warm by insulating the cold. That’s why you will houses in the cold climate prefer carpets when installing a floor. However, carpets could cause allergies and breathing problems as they tend to absorb the dust particles in the air. Secondly, carpets are difficult to clean if any liquid spill on it. However, if you have decided on installing a carpet, then you should consider these things during the carpet fitting process.

What you should Do

These do’s that you should keep in mind when installing a new carpet.

Before installing the carpet, it is necessary to get the floor ready so for that, you’ll have to put the underpad down in strips and butt the strips against each other.

To hold the pad firmly in its place some glue should be used to make it steady.

Now that your floor is ready it’s time to roll on the carpet. If you are using two carpets, then make sure they don’t overlap each other by cutting the extra bits.

Use a knee kicker along the edges of the carpet so that the carpet stays firmly in its place and doesn’t come out.

Take a knife or a blade and trim the carpet along the edges or near the walls so that it looks seamless and attractive overall.

That’s your almost done! You just have to place the furniture in the room and Tadaa. You’re ready to go

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

What you shouldn’t Do:

During the carpet fitting it is important to keep these things in mind and strictly avoid them:

Don’t use an existing underlay from the previous carpets.

Don’t overlap the butt strips

Don’t have any liquid drinks as you don’t want to spill them on your new carpet.


These are the do’s and don’ts that you should strictly adhere to when fitting a new carpet in your room or house. Following these steps will only help you in properly laying the carpet and will ensure that it will last for a long period..

carpet texture pattern YYVZVRH

What does carpet pricing depend on?

Carpets are woven fabrics that are used to place on the floor. These are big enough to cover the whole room and sometimes many carpets are used to cover one big hall. Carpeting is an important part of the house’s interior decoration because many different things depend on it. The first of these is the cleanliness of the house. Do you have a powerful vacuum cleaner? Bring it to good use. It is easy to maintain the carpet and keep it in good shape. The second thing that depends on carpets is the look of the room. Just like floors have an effect on the environment of the room, carpets have this effect too. They allow you to bring in different parts of the decoration that you want to place in the room, but only if these parts are matching to the carpet in some way. Normally, it is the color of the carpet that makes you match the curtains and other decorative items with the carpet. They make you follow a theme in each one of your rooms. Another aspect that the carpet helps you with is the sitting arrangement. How many sofas can you possibly have in your lounge? Not many, is the right answer. Carpets allow you to use cushions so that you can sit on the carpet when you are not in a formal environment and you want to be easy. Carpet pricing also depends on the strength of the above discussed factors.


Carpet pricing is one of the factors that are determinants of demand. However, quality of the carpet has an effect on the pricing and although it might make people think before they buy the carpet, they just do not want to miss out on the quality that they are being provided. Carpets need to be comfortable and manufacturers need to provide a variety of different carpets to suit all kinds of needs of different people. When these needs are being, carpet pricing might not remain too much of an issue. You can be sure about one thing and it is that you are not going to regret paying the price of the carpets because the utility is guaranteed and the product is in front of you.

What to do?

Carpet pricing might affect your decision of buying a carpet but it should not be the only factor. You should check out the market and if you do not find too much of a difference, go with what your heart wants.

Rooster rugs rooster rugs for kitchen KJTQNGP

Rooster rugs for a beautiful kitchen

Kitchen rugs serve a very useful purpose and always the most fun things to buy. In order to save your kitchen floor that is in front of the sink area from the puncture marks marked up by the dropping of knives and fork, you need to place a kitchen rug there. Also kitchen area rugs would help in reducing your pain in the leg and back as you spend a long time standing in the kitchen. These items are easy to buy and can be found in a number of stores in your locality or online shops. The most popular type of rugs best suited for the country kitchen types are the rooster rugs and the rugs with fruit patterns in them.

Adding flair to your kitchen with rooster rugs

The kitchen rugs are an absolutely must-have item for the cooks and homemakers who spend a lot of laborious hours standing in the kitchen to prepare food every day and all through the day. A kitchen décor in a rooster theme in any event happens to be a down-home genre of décor or it might be French or country kitchen to include a sassy rooster rugs or decors. It is very ideal to have a rug in the kitchen in the area where you stand in the kitchen most often for a longer time. The stress in your leg, knee and foot due to the long standing is eased by these comfortable and cushiony rugs. It is a great idea to add flair to your kitchen theme with the kitchen rooster rugs.

Different shapes, styles and materials

Kitchen rooster rugs come in a number of shapes, styles and materials as well that suit every kitchen and needs of the customer. Try out a kitchen rooster rug in your kitchen area which will look attractive and make you to begin cooking more in the day just to take a look of this beautiful and luxurious looking rug that adorns the floor of your kitchen.

Using kitchen rugs is a traditional practice for many homes. Handmade rugs were used in the ancient Asia for adorning their homes and the craftsmen of today spend several hours in making the handmade rugs which is an art that is handed down through many generations. They also create beautiful and sophisticated patterns on rugs and you can make a kitchen look lively by using a kitchen accent rug or a rooster rug, particularly for those kitchens with a country style décor.