Carpets and Rugs – Garden and Interior Design Ideas Tue, 25 Dec 2018 11:23:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Tips for how to choose outdoor carpeting Fri, 03 Aug 2018 01:00:00 +0000 Outdoor carpeting is a wise solution for making your patio is more attractive. You have to keep in mind that outdoor are a heavy traffic area so that the carpet should withstand various assaults. You have to determine whether you want to expensive or inexpensive outdoor carpets. Most of the people use luxurious outdoor carpeting as a status symbol to showcase their wealth to friends, relative, and neighbors.

Materials and colors

Outdoor carpeting as to go under heavy beating due to climatic changes. Outdoor carpets come with natural and synthetic materials. Natural material is used for both indoor and outdoor carpets. Generally, people choose grass outdoor carpeting because of their easy gel with greenery. Sometimes contrast colors like blue and red will give aesthetic sense to outdoors. Don’t stick with one traditional mindset. Look for an alternative, which will give you, comfort look. Moreover, you have to frequently change the outdoor carpet material due to quick wear and tear.

Synthetic materials are the wise choice when come to outdoor carpeting such as polypropylene. Because natural fibers not viable against and heavy traffic. Marine outdoor carpeting is part of the popular brands in outdoor carpeting. Even though it gives the impression of faded quickly, if you maintain properly it’s a good choice.

The one quality that makes this marine carpeting stand apart is their ability to resist against constant rains and wet conditions. Olefin outdoor carpeting is the good outdoor choice because it opposes against stain and fade. Most of the households exploit this material in their backyard or patios or lounge. These carpets offer various choosing options and style.

Tips to Remember:

– Just try to keep it outdoor carpeting in covered space. So it will last longer.

– Taking into consideration the fact that every two to three years you have to change the carpets. So don’t invest much money in these products.

– When you clean the carpets, hang it out on the wall and dry it. It’s a smart way. Otherwise, it will create spots.

– Make a choice between machine and man-made carpets. Machine manufactures carpets are easier to dry and can be exposed to the sun. Man- made carpets to give you soft look so it’s better to place in a covered area.

– Certain synthetic outdoor carpeting is slippery so put a mesh pad below the carpet to avoid unpredictable accidents.

In the essence, outdoor carpeting gives you the variety of options to enhance the look of your household with cost-effective options. Moreover, there are of number of contemporary designs are available in on-line store.

indoor outdoor carpeting - the flooring lady IPKBFAS outdoor carpeting outdoor carpet | outdoor carpet runner by the foot PRYXJTM outdoor carpeting outdoor carpet FIXODSK outdoor carpeting striped white and black indoor outdoor carpet PCJKKJY outdoor carpeting ... originalviews: ... WLGZOFI outdoor carpeting green outdoor carpet ZCWHWZE indoor outdoor carpet | indoor outdoor carpeting home depot DPQMQFZ outdoor carpeting ... originalviews: ... XJCTJZS outdoor carpeting commercial indoor outdoor carpet RSDMDCK outdoor carpeting indoor/outdoor carpet XUKAUQC outdoor carpeting black indoor outdoor carpet PJFCTJY outdoor carpeting outdoor carpet HZPAMXZ examples of outdoor carpeting KUTMRNH outdoor carpeting indoor / outdoor carpet by stanton u201cbellau201d bronze WVYLEZN outdoor carpeting outdoor carpet is a wonderful option when it comes to outdoor patio flooring PBJTLRG outdoor carpeting shaw pattern play outdoor carpet BXWNNKK ]]> 0
Are kathy ireland rugs worth the investment? Thu, 02 Aug 2018 15:55:00 +0000 Kathy Ireland was a very successful sports model back in her days in the 80’s and the 90’s. Nowadays she is a very successful entrepreneur who is making a name for herself in the business and her rugs line the Kathy Ireland Rugs line has made quite a few headlines in the US and around the world and has managed to provide competitions to the traditional big businesses in the rug industry. These rugs are high priced and of premium quality and Kathy Ireland has done well to categorize different users of the rugs by introducing a different line of collections for everyone.

The Home Collection:

As the name states, this rug is specially designed from high-quality polypropylene and is available in different sizes and designs. It is especially ideal for enjoying the little happiness of family life and adds to the beauty of the house.

Young Attitude Rugs:

This line of rugs has specifically been designed to for children who are engaged in physical activities and promotes a healthy lifestyle. These rugs have bright colors and trendy designs that would attract any children. In addition to that, these rugs are super soft and extremely comfortable which result in little harm to children if they fall.

First Lady Collection:

This rug needs and will turn the lady of your house into two things, classy and fabulous. They have a very glamorous texture with attention to detail, therefore making it an instant classic.

Innovations Collection:

Kathy Ireland has been famous for being innovative and bringing out novel ideas. This could be seen in her rugs collection as well, and the innovations collection is the living proof of that. The design of these rugs is a blend of modern and traditional and adds to the aesthetics of the house. They are made of high-quality olefin that is so good you will fall in love with it.

Aloha Collection:

Kathy Ireland Rugs Aloha collections are surely bound to bring the coastal beast in you. The design and texture include trees and sun-drenched images. If you have a beach hut or house, then this rug will be best suited for you.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that Kathy Ireland Rugs are worth trying, and they surely do increase the value of your house and significantly improve and enhance the beauty of it.

kathy ireland rugs photo 3 of 10 full image for trendy shaw area rugs kathy ireland YJPSLRS kathy ireland silver screen ki341 grey/slate. kathy ireland rugs HCWWHBN kathy ireland rugs picture of nourison kathy ireland antiquities 8x11 rugs KMMLVKZ kathy ireland rugs RZJRPKI kathy ireland rugs picture of nourison kathy ireland babylon 8x11 area rugs FGSPXXT kathy ireland rugs malta ivory/blue area rug. by kathy ireland home gallery BCIMXAN kathy ireland rugs ki25_mai04_ivblu_8x11_099446361271_dt01_57b4ca6289425.  ki25_mai04_ivblu_8x11_099446361271_dt01_57b4ca6289425 PIWJYFP kathy ireland rugs main image; main image ... DJTKGDR kathy ireland rugs quick view QSUWQQK kathy ireland rugs kathy ireland ki06 lumiere stateroom ki602 slate blue area rug #98592 HGSSYBM kathy ireland rugs quick view SJPGWIF kathy ireland rugs kathy ireland by nourison HUQLWTN kathy ireland rugs malta blue area rug. by kathy ireland home gallery CYZSWVF kathy ireland rugs item no: 120665 JGMICKF kathy ireland rugs kathy ireland home lumiere royal countryside beige 9u00276 CNCELUH kathy ireland rugs enlarged view UOELUIL ]]> 0
Shopping online rugs Thu, 02 Aug 2018 12:58:00 +0000 Talking precisely rugs are used to cover the floorings. They do not cover the whole area but a part of it. they are normally made up of synthetic or woolen fiber or sometimes dried animal skin can also serve as a function of rug. While searching online rugs you will come to know that there are plenty of available options and by just clicking the right option and the right suppliers you can have your rug at your doorstep.


Budget is one of the key consideration whenever you are searching for online rugs. bear in mind the additional shipment and transaction costs that will be applied if you are importing rug from another country. Browsing online rugs will enable you to grab some superior quality rugs from high quality rug producing country Like Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Guidelines for placing rug

If you are an early bird to interior decor industry then you will be probably needing some sound tricks and tips to find the most suitable an appropriate rug. Leaving some space between area walls and rugs is the most prevailing rule of the rug industry. It is a good idea to leave around 18 inches between wall and rug to give a good portion to the room. The next consideration is of course about the furniture. It if advised by many designers to keep at least the front legs of the furniture on the rugs.

However some modern styles are contrary to this. Placing all the legs on the rugs or placing no leg on the rug is also a trending style these days. There can be variation in the measurements according to the area and spacing of the room. Also dimensions of rugs varies depending upon its placement under certain other furniture items like bed and ottoman.

Colorful rugs

Colorful rugs can be a part of any modern home decor. The vibrancy of colors not only augment the surroundings but also boost the ambience by manifold. It also incorporate youth and cheerfulness to the area. You can have hand woven, hand knotted, woven and synthetic rugs for your place. The effect of extraordinary rugs can be enhanced by using some extra ordinary hanging lights which not only light up the area but also impart beauty to the area. You can also have neutral colored rug that would be essential for contemporary and modern look

rugs for dining room dining room rugs pinterest » dining room decor ideas and showcase design XLWBAIK rugs for dining room loloi-rugs-dining-above ZGPIMWU rugs for dining room download image HFHORVN rugs for dining room dinning rooms:gorgeous dining room with round wood table and rustic dining  chairs IHKFZME rugs for dining room contemporary dining room by leverone design, inc. BWVFPLA rugs for dining room view in gallery. in a dining room ... UUPLUFA rugs for dining room how to correctly measure for a dining room table rug and the best WMUXKTN rugs for dining room popular dining room inspirations with best 25 dining room rugs ideas on GIYWNIH rugs for dining room farmhouse dining room farmhouse dining room QNHXOHP rugs for dining room 30 rugs that showcase their power under the dining table DZFXRXZ rugs for dining room 5 rules for choosing the perfect dining room rug-dining room SBGRBEJ rugs for dining room all about the rug. these seven dining rooms ... UUEWMZJ rugs for dining room transitional dining room by sutro architects VUGBOLF rugs for dining room share TCROVRN rugs for dining room beach style dining room by allee architecture + design, llc IQGUHLP rugs for dining room how-to-choose-the-perfect-rug-for-your- DQXQRJE ]]> 0
Carpet designs that will be in trend in 2019 Thu, 02 Aug 2018 06:50:00 +0000 Apart from the material and size of the carpet, the most important thing in a carpet is its design. After all, it’s the design of the carpet that will enhance the looks of any room. Based on the design, it can work in the background to work with other details of the room or can function as an individual focal point. Let us have a look at some carpet designs that are sure to stay in trend this year.

  1. Carpets in Neutral Colors and Minimal Design-

Taupes and grays are the new neutrals that are in trend. Both these colors are so attractive that they don’t need a lot of designs on it. Apart from these two, carpets in earthy greens, muted teals and blue are also finding buyers.

  1. Textured and patterned loop carpets-

Textures and patterns are gaining popularity throughout the world. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they reduce the appearance of stains and also keep the vacuum marks at minimum. Some of the most popular textured and patterned carpet designs are textured loops, ribbed striation, dual-toned carpets and geometric patterns.

  1. Pet Resistant Designs-

While there are many carpet designs and materials that are ideal for homes with pets, there is a completely new breed of carpet designs that are pet resistant. PetProtect and Stainmaster are two such carpets. This type of carpet is easy to clean and wash, and reduces the appearance of dirt and stains.

  1. Herati Pattern-

This pattern gets its name from the city of Herati, located in Pakistan. It has floral patterns surrounded by leaves that are arranged in various designs. These leaves are also sometimes called as fishes as they look like them. If you go for a Herati pattern, make sure that the carpet is from Iran or Pakistan and is handmade.

  1. Dyrnak Pattern-

This carpet design originated in Turkey and was first created by the Yomuts here. It generally has a simple design with impressive variations that do an excellent job of enhancing the looks of a room that has a traditional setting. While this type of design is very old, the number of buyers for this design is increasing and it might be one of the most popular carpet designs this year.

If you are out searching for a carpet, remember these carpet designs to ensure that you pick the one that is well-appreciated by each one of your guests.

stunning carpet designs for living room 28 carpet for living room ideas new FORKNAX carpet designs for living room carpet for living room designs regarding your property best design intended  carpets AXNPWDO carpet designs for living room carpet design. establish a living room ... ITRUCRJ carpet designs for living room beautiful living room carpet ideas cool interior design ideas with 18  brilliant YWEBZRR carpet designs for living room living room carpet ideas colours WBKWFBV innovative carpet designs for living room cozy carpet designs for living  room ZMMDXED carpeted room fabulous carpet designs for living room living room carpet  designs DMQHQWX carpet designs for living room livingroom:living room carpet ideas colour small decorating green color  brown rug home WGRGJAV carpet designs for living room living room with medium beige frieze (twisted) carpet, flush light, ceiling  fan, EXXVKUX 20 unique carpet designs for living room RARMLDE carpet designs for living room carpet design ideas carpet design ideas for chic living room decor PEDKWVQ carpet designs for living room wonderful carpet ideas for living room simple living room remodel concept  with ODOMLWX carpet designs for living room patterned carpet - living room design ideas - youtube NXJWGLD 20 unique carpet designs for living room KXMHCQL carpet designs for living room 12 ways to incorporate carpet in a roomu0027s design | hgtv XUAOXTS 20 unique carpet designs for living room OUBEYJX ]]> 0
Advantages and disadvantages of oval rug. Wed, 01 Aug 2018 21:45:00 +0000 An oval floor covering can genuinely make an inside space look, all around changed. The “retro” styling of oval floor coverings addresses some home decorators while others step once again from such a “dated” visual picture. Past this, there are diverse points of interest and insults for having these sorts of convenient inside floor coverings. Looking at the favourable circumstances and hindrances helps in decision making about precisely how to unwind a room with a hardwood or other unadorned floor.


Visual Appeal

To a couple, oval covering and floor coverings are certain inside diagram things. For a few people, oval ground surface means that riches or excess that can empower a dull inside space. Counting splendid shades makes oval floor coverings extensively additionally identifying with the people who like a more liberal completing arrangement.


Oval carpets can be enormously pleasing. When they are reliably tidied and kept up, they can be a greatly luxurious part of a room, where inhabitants can unwind and loosen up on their all that much-cushioned surfaces.


Cost and Maintenance Cost 

Oval rug and floor covering pieces can get costly since they are more exorbitant to create than some more thin sorts of the ground surface. If you have to keep them in awesome condition, there can be impressively more cost incorporated into much of the time cleaning these foundations.


Oval mats can be significantly more powerless against recolours because their long fibres are general all the more difficult to clean. Spilled a glass of wine all over on your oval mats? Ignore a straightforward fix. At any rate, oval carpets can be supplanted, yet the recolouring issue is still a foremost one for clients looking, most ideal situation floor covering decisions.

From various perspectives, picking oval floor coverings is like getting a haired pooch. Your oval pooch might be magnificent to have around, yet he or she can go with more upkeep necessities and potential wellbeing risks. Consider most of the preferences and drawbacks before presenting oval mats in an inside space, and you’ll have an unrivalled shot of taking advantage of your new floors. So oval carpet establishment can be valuable however it likewise has some intense faults that must be considered before purchasing these floor coverings.

Yet, oval rug can be the best option to put in the middle of your living room, as these look attractive and much more appealing than other square or rectangular shapes.

oval rug 14296 14296-1 OBHGKII oval rug cozy ... YGEGDVJ colonial mills olivera 3u0027 x 5u0027 oval rug - vintage blue TKMNCRC oval rug old country braided oval area rug ODXJKZX oval rug cape cod natural/blue 6 ft. x 9 ft. oval area rug MLTADZQ oval rug early american braided rug 1271 nazmiyal TPFAIHD oval rug roll over image to zoom BBZUIKN rooster and hens oval rug VRAYTYQ oval rug homespice oval jute braided rugs, 27-inch by 45-inch, cider barn IYVMEEA canyon reversible braided indoor/outdoor oval rug TGEKGCN oval rug chestnut knoll amber red 7 ft. x 9 ft. oval braided area rug ZTTCHQE oval rug oval rugs for the home - jcpenney AHVFPIO woodbridge braided oval rug VIHLXKT oval rug maze rug - oval XDACVOD oval rug tan oval jute rug BCYFNGQ oval rug cinnamon oval braided rug - 20 NJQBOPU ]]> 0
Things you need to know about neutral rugs Wed, 01 Aug 2018 13:24:00 +0000 Neutral shades include white, ivory, beige, grey and creamy off whites. A neutral theme gives bright look to the space. Neutral colors are great reflectors of light thus they are really well at opening up spaces and dark narrow spaces. Neutral colors can be incorporated in any accessory to create the warmth and welcoming feature.

Neutral rugs

Freedom of maneuvering neutral palette can supply you enormous options. Neutral rugs can transform your floors into eclectic piece of aesthetics. Neutral rugs are really well in complementing any style of theme. Contemporary, country, modern, traditional and transitional themes can be well established with neutral rugs. If you are investing in some premium quality imported neutral rugs trust me that you are investing in sound investment. You can play with colors in other accessories and fixtures and you will be amazed that neutral rugs sufficiently complement each tone.

You can place rugs in different sizes and shapes. However it is suggested by designers to leave equidistant space from all sides. The spacing gap between wall and rug should be at least 6inches with no more than 2 feet. Your rug should cover at least front legs of furniture. Shape of rug can also aid visual dimension of your room. Adding a curvy rug will work for smaller space. Also neutrality of tone will further elongate to the room. If you place transparent glass furniture on neutral rug the combo will be a wow factor for your entire living space.

Neutral wall colors

Neutral wall colors enrich living areas with much purity and serenity but this theme can be subtle and boring for fun loving people and teenagers. You can maintain neutral palette however a featured wall with texture or accent walls can be introduced. Keep all walls in low shade but splashing one wall with vibrant colors will not only boost the ambience it will bring vivacity and charm to the place.

Neutral curtains

Dressing windows with neutral curtains will allow sufficient sunrays to pass through however you can electrify neutral curtains by hanging some contrasting shade curtains with it. Adding embellishments with different sparkling color will enhance the glamour by manifold. Although neutral colors are the epitome and symbol of sophistication adding a little color can spruce up the sparkling effect of decency. Adding long curtains from ceiling to flooring is another technique to give an elongated view to space.

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Importance of carpet styles Wed, 01 Aug 2018 12:40:00 +0000 Flooring is one of the aspects of housing that people show a lot of interest in. This is because not only is the floor in use every minute, it also contributes to the environment and interior beauty of the house. It is not only the look but also the cleanliness which is why people choose some types of flooring over others.

When you use an item regularly, you want it to be the best that you can have and that is one of the reasons why people use their resources to get the best flooring that they can. It is not easy job to decide what type of flooring will be good, but if you are one of the carpet lovers, floors might not always matter to you. Carpets are woven pieces that you lay in rooms. They are soft and are meant to be comfortable. Not only do they look good with the interior decoration but also provide a clean place for you to sit if you are not comfortable on the sofa.

That is why many people prefer keeping cushions on the carpet. Carpets are of many different qualities and this is because there are different needs that have to be fulfilled with the help of carpets. Different carpet styles cater to requirement of different people and that is what has motivated manufacturers to provide a variety of carpets.


Carpets are one of the important decorative items that you can use to make your room look good. It not only gives a better look but is also comfortable to walk on. Some people also consider it easier to clean as vacuum cleaners do fine job on carpets. Carpet styles are very important to the survival of the carpet industry. If the manufacturers do not provide a different product, people will stop buying it. Not all carpet styles suit all occasions. Sometimes informal ones are good for your bedroom and living while a good quality carpet with a decent design is more appropriate for the drawing room and the guest room.

What to do?

Carpets should be bought very carefully. You need to make sure that you know the measurements of the place where you want a carpet. You must never take the color of the carpet too lightly as the color alone can make your room look good or bad. It needs to go with the furniture and the paint of the room that carpet is bought for and that is why carpet styles are important. Make sure you choose a decent design because you normally use carpets for a long period of time.

carpet styles beaulieu carpet GPBQLEY carpet styles shimmer frieze carpet atomic night color FMYEDDB carpet styles cable carpet style ZJFMNEC carpet styles cut-and-loop carpets are trimmed into designs. WAIUCHK carpet styles making waves plush carpet adventure color XNMEOIL carpet styles - types - what is sisal MPOFYCS carpet styles carpet colors and styles ZUXJOAQ carpet styles stainmaster® berber/loop carpet image OGZETGO carpet styles and where to use them NMPVVQC carpet styles tuftex the naturals collection PNWYIRA carpet styles we stock over 1000 rolls of carpet in our warehouse AONNOLD carpet styles sidekick frieze carpet birch desert color XUZDLID carpet styles - types - what is frieze QKBLUGM carpet styles #2 CCCDRHH carpet styles carpet style samples FSPWHIL adrians carpets - carpet styles and colors CEKYXVK ]]> 0
Importance of industrial carpet Tue, 31 Jul 2018 18:30:00 +0000 Floors are of prime importance in any building. Whether it is a home, a shop or an office, you need to pay attention on the floor. It is not something that you should take for granted. People pay a lot of attention to the floors that they make. This is because floors have an influence on the look of the place they are made for. There are many things that can be done to make floors look good. Many people use marble or ceramic tiling on the floor as these options look very decent and are easy to maintain.

They also help people with the decoration of the room. Other things that help people maintain their house and add to the beauty are carpets. Many different types of carpets are used for this purpose. Different materials and different patterns make carpets different from one another. Some carpets are used at home while others designed for more formal occasions and environments such as oriental carpets. Carpets cover the floor and that means that you can make the rooms look good even the floors themselves are not so elaborate. One of popular carpets is industrial carpet.


Industrial carpet has made a place for itself amongst the most important carpets. This is because of its use, which is totally different than those carpets which are used at homes. They are used on big areas which are much bigger than a room. Bigger areas which need carpeting make use of industrial carpet because the same material and color is required for an area which is bigger than normal. One of the examples is big halls which are used as offices and have a lot of people working in their own desks.

Another good example can be a big gym or prayer hall where commercial carpets are used a lot because these places cover a large area.  Different designs are available in these carpets as well. Normally they are not too elaborate and only have stripes are other similar patterns to be a bit decorative. One of the main features of these carpets is the black and grey colors that the carpet is mostly found in.

How to buy an industrial carpet?

Not everyone requires industrial carpet but people who do must know the exact requirements such as the dimensions. Once you are sure that your measurements are right, you need to check the quality because you do not want to compromise on it.

dark industrial carpet MKFAQHZ industrial carpet tiles indoor FJNPUJJ industrial carpet link collection, wired carpet tile by philadelphia commercial IEFFNXH industrial carpet peel and stick carpet tiles lowes designs by shelley lee why with regard YPUNIVA industrial carpet texture | by tech109 industrial carpet texture | by  tech109 GJEWEYO carpet stores industrial carpet tiles modular carpet tiles rug squares  carpet warehouse OUJJVGX industrial carpet 565 terrain, aladdin voltage tile commercial carpet tile - 719 industrial WOJBBVX bedroom decoration industrial carpet squares 24x24 carpet tiles within  compare prices on MGHKVGO industrial carpet ... woven carpet / structured / nylon / commercial ... FSEYSOH industrial carpet black HSCLXIW industrial carpet new paint u0026 carpet GTKGIHI industrial carpet classroom DSGKJVA industrial carpet brampton. b518 industrial slate HRIKCNA industrial carpet flooring SAUOOUF industrial carpet ... woven carpet / structured / nylon / commercial ADMZMJG industrial carpet carpet swatch SGVLBBP ]]> 0
Your detailed guide on traditional rugs Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:50:00 +0000 Traditional rugs have been part of human civilization for a long period of time. Normally when one refers to the traditional rug, he/she may have intended to mean the oriental rugs of Balkan and Indian region which are crafted from way back in 4-5th century B.C.

Traditional rugs always had a major role to play in the lavish couture of human life over the years. Traditional rugs have been endorsed by royal families over the years which clearly depicts the value of the rug placed upon.

Traditional rugs has a very high durability with its lasting period ranging from a century to two. What we have of the traditional rugs come from the historical recordings and the handing-down of skillset from the generation above.

We’d here discus on a few of the available traditional rugs in the market.

Bokhara rug

These rugs are termed to have originated from the lands of Central Asia where currently the modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan and India borders

These rugs come in different sizes and boasts pf solid jewel toned colors. Its design features a stylized pattern that follows up on the whole of the rug.

Khotan Rug

These rugs were said to have originated in the lands of modern day China.

Traditionally these were made longer to cover a larger base area of the flooring.

The coloring and the texture follows up different varieties ranging from the bold colors to the light shades. As for the pattern goes, these follow up the Chinese influence.

Persian rug

These rugs are also known as Kashan. They originated in the lands of Iran.

With different sizes to back up, along with the medallion shape pattern, these rugs make a fine diversifying look for the home.

Oushak Rug

These rugs are also termed as Ushak. They were first made in the Balkan regions of the world, the modern day Turkey.

It features silk and wool as the material used in the making with different shades of natural pastels.

They are normally found in sizes varying from medium to large with geometric pattern engraved on the rug.

Gabbeh rug

Gabbeh rugs are an origin of southwest Iran. It literary means for raw or natural.

It’s one of the variant of famed Persian rugs with sizes available from medium to large.

These rugs uses different color combinations, usually of 6-7 various color palettes, to give way to geometric patterned or the stripe patterned look.

new traditional rugs multiple sizes rug 2x8 black rug persian area rugs NFWRSIM traditional rugs pure floral (all over kashan) ... ZKHVMIE traditional rugs agra traditional area rug CEIRXXP traditional rugs safavieh lyndhurst lnh312b light blue and ivory WOXVIJG traditional rugs traditional gray rug overview scottsdale az pv rugs KRLECQP traditional rugs rug royal traditional wool 12157 black red XPLWZZZ traditional rugs traditional medallion persian style 8x11 large area rug - actual 7u0027 8 XQBVRQY 50 best traditional rugs images on pinterest traditional red rug DVCWBDC traditional rugs red traditional rug large red 8x11 persian rug red rugs for KAITWME examples of our traditional rugs HVDICZV traditional rugs world rug gallery traditional oriental medallion design burgundy 8 ft. x 10 JBGJCZZ traditional rugs ZNXCEHP traditional rugs large 8x11 ivory persian traditional style rug oriental rugs  cream living PHEQDOG traditional rugs abbasi grey traditional rug OOLZYHO traditional rugs | TGFLBOZ traditional rugs - safavieh QJMSTFF ]]> 0
All you need to know about modern carpet Tue, 31 Jul 2018 09:25:00 +0000 Carpets have always been part of home accessory for as long as one can remember. During the age old, carpets were hand-woven out of different materials like wools and fibers. Back then it was just a functional piece of item that served its purpose.

With the change in time, carpets have had makeover that changed their hiatus from a simple functional piece to the irresistible home decor item. It’s testament to the journey travelled by the carpets to become modern-day one.

Modern day carpets are multi-variants of the carpet range than fit as per their different purpose and use. Some may be used for their styling purposes while some for their basic layering options and some for their flexible uses. The modern carpeting boasts of different niches.

We’ll provide you an in-depth view on the modern carpets down below.

What is modern carpet?

  • It’s the different variants of carpets that came into prominence with the change in time. Modern carpets boasts of different options like the wool, cotton, synthetic or the propylene ones.
  • The modern times requires carpets for different functional uses an as such these provide the options for every sort of use out there.

Decoding a modern carpet

The materials

Modern carpets uses different materials in the making. The wool or the silk ones are still revered to this day but they are pretty high on the budget.

While the synthetic might not look as fine as the wool carpet but proves economical and durable option.

The designs are articulated in various forms like the traditional swipes or the new machine patterned looks.

The texture

As far as the talk of textures go along, modern carpets come in all sorts of smooth and light textured to the heavy and corrosive textured ones.

The texture of the carpet is often decided as per where these items are going to be layered upon. If it’s for the stairs, then a slightly heavy or light complexion ones are decided as per the requirements.

Similarly for a hall or the living room, a carpet with contemporary looks is decided upon.

The color

Modern carpets have a multitude of color options available to choose from. It’s normally decided between the fair and light ones or the darker and the bold ones.

Generally the layering area and the furniture in the space also affects the color decision. You can decide a darker tone of modern carpet for your stairs and kitchen while a brighter one suits your hallway the best.

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