Outdoor – yonohomedesign.com http://www.yonohomedesign.com Garden and Interior Design Ideas Tue, 25 Dec 2018 15:10:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.2.5 What kind of garden chair should you buy? http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-kind-of-garden-chair-should-you-buy/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-kind-of-garden-chair-should-you-buy/#respond Fri, 30 Jun 2017 16:59:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-kind-of-garden-chair-should-you-buy A garden is a great place to unwind and sip a cup of coffee after a long day at work or perhaps to relax and read a book on the weekend. It is also a great place for you to enjoy with your guests or to just sit back and enjoy the view. Whatever your reasons may be to be in your garden, it is necessary that you buy a garden chair that blends perfectly with your taste and helps you relax.

Garden chairs are available in all kids of designs, styles, colors and material. Wooden chairs are a great replacement for garden benches. Wooden chairs blend in perfectly with the natural feel of your garden and can be placed anywhere unlike benches.

Plastic chairs are also a great light weight option for your garden. They come in many colors and can make your garden look even more colorful and happy. However, if you are looking for something sober yet inexpensive, it is better to buy plastic garden chairs of the same color.

Metal chairs are also a good option for long term use. They are sturdy and can survive all kinds of weather. Cedar chairs are also very popular for gardens. They are durable and scratch resistant.

Webbed lawn chairs are also very popular and look very stylish and trendy. They give a nice vintage touch to your garden. However, they need care as the straps can get damaged easily. But what’s nice about these chairs is that they don’t need any professional for their repair. They can easily be repaired by getting a new webbing or replacing the damaged webbings. Webbed garden chairs are available in mosaic multi-color designs and single colored plain design. Out of the two you may choose whichever goes with your style preference.

garden chairs outdoor chaise lounges · shop dining chairs AGPGRVX garden chairs chair wood functional model table garden furniture garden design ideas TPGHMDL garden chairs from the gardening website NCGYYMC garden chairs roll top garden chair the wooden workshop oakford devon ZYVYGLF garden chairs garden benches TPKJPFU garden chairs garden chairs manufacturer in india HAHJWVF garden chairs outdoor lounge chairs GGASONG garden chairs garden benches chairs sitting spiritually RJMHRDC garden chairs outdoor benches QRFLDVO garden chairs and sun loungers garden chairs and sun loungers. ELPPCKU 30 best garden chairs - stylish outdoor seating for gardens MVJVHIO garden chairs outdoor gliders XUTPSTK ]]>
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Buying wrought iron patio furniture http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-wrought-iron-patio-furniture/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-wrought-iron-patio-furniture/#respond Fri, 30 Jun 2017 01:54:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-wrought-iron-patio-furniture Patio furniture is much durable and sustainable. Wrought iron patio furniture can withstand minor falls. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors shapes and sizes. But its major disadvantage is, it may develop rust when treated excessively with water. While washing, if you apply the protective coat than the furniture can be saved from rust.

Choosing Patio Furniture

While choosing patio furniture, you should choose the furniture that is reliable and sturdy. Buying outdoor furniture for your backyard can be a little tricky but buying the wrought iron patio furniture will provide you a comfortable and comfy seating in your backyard.

Easy to Clean

Wrought iron furniture is easy to clean. Unlike other metals, iron doesn’t rust as much. A bit of soap and little water will crystal clear the wrought iron patio furniture without causing it to rust? But the iron patio furniture rust over time.


The wrought iron is extremely durable. The main thing that contributes towards the toughness of patio furniture is the strength and concreteness of iron. It is one of the reasons that iron furniture is rarely damaged. Secondly, iron doesn’t rust as rapidly as compared to other metals.


It is another significant feature due to which the wrought iron patio furniture are appreciated everywhere. Setting up some quality cushions can provide you and your guests’ comfortable seating. Iron being highly malleable can be bent, twisted and maneuvered in the desired shape while its production.

buy wrought iron patio furniture including tables, chairs u0026 more | kettler MJIWUXD best wrought iron patio furniture sets WNFPWUC wrought iron patio furniture aluminum versus wrought iron outdoor patio furniture XAWHWCF wrought iron patio furniture sold mid century salterini russell woodard wrought iron patio set - vintage JEZWNAW wrought iron patio furniture wrought iron furniture JNXWCWU wrought iron patio furniture UOVDFSF wrought iron patio furniture dining chairs XKZDZOQ wrought iron patio furniture home · outdoor furniture; wrought iron furniture. briarwood collection MJQXNGO wrought iron patio furniture wrought iron dining sets CGRESAJ wrought iron patio furniture RQWDXRM wrought iron patio furniture mainstays jefferson wrought iron 7-piece patio dining set, seats 6 CSNAPOB wrought iron patio furniture wrought iron lounge sets IEDFJXK ]]>
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Ideas and tips for backyard landscaping http://www.yonohomedesign.com/ideas-and-tips-for-backyard-landscaping/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/ideas-and-tips-for-backyard-landscaping/#respond Tue, 20 Jun 2017 12:39:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/ideas-and-tips-for-backyard-landscaping Backyard landscaping is an important factor of interior designing. Backyards landscaping makes up your house eye catching and beautiful. Landscaping improves the curb appeal and value of your house. Placing plants, patios and other items in your backyard improves the appearance of your home. Landscaping allows you to use your property in a better way, to increase its value and worth.

Methods of Backyard Landscaping

Placing plants in your backyard can improve the look of you house. Growing vegetables and other herbaceous plants can benefit you a lot. Plants also reduce the energy costs of your home. Plants including trees and shrubs help to shade the building, thus making internal atmosphere cooler.

And cooler atmosphere can reduce the use of air conditioners. Placing outdoor furniture in your backyard can turn it into a more practical and enjoyable area. You can rejoice outdoor dinner with your guests in the backyard. Moreover, patios create an extra sitting place for the guests during a party. Making up pathways and placing decorative items can also add to the beauty of your house.

Landscaping Cost and Property Value

Making your backyard eye catching and attractive can increase the value of your house. If you are trying to sell your house Backyard landscaping can greatly enhance your property’s value. The cost of backyard landscaping depends upon your drive to decorate your backyard. The normal cost that is being incurred on the backyard landscaping ranges from 1700$ to $4000. More you decorate, higher will be the cost.

backyard patio cover, backyard fire pit, backyard lawn backyard landscaping  terry design RFMQKYD backyard landscaping this yard is very open with plenty of space. the perimeter of this WTUAILH backyard landscaping nice decoration small backyard landscape design with lush grass thoroughly  andu2026 AVDNFYM top 25+ best backyard landscaping ideas on pinterest | backyard ideas,  landscaping LGNFTRY backyard landscaping after: entertaining oasis KCRVVNE backyard landscaping westover landscape design tarrytown, ny SDEWMYK 70 fresh and beautiful backyard landscaping ideas DGYBYVQ backyard landscaping backyard outdoor living, built-in grill, fireplace, stamped concrete patio backyard  landscaping YQEKRNH backyard landscaping 109 latest elegant backyard design you need to know WKWCYAD backyard landscaping cipriano landscape design mahwah, nj PSZWEGX 55 backyard landscaping ideas youu0027ll fall in love with OEYGIXY backyard paver patio, backyard boulders backyard landscaping ogs landscape  services whitby, on IBQUDXQ ]]>
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Rattan garden furniture-the pride of your home http://www.yonohomedesign.com/rattan-garden-furniture-the-pride-of-your-home/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/rattan-garden-furniture-the-pride-of-your-home/#respond Mon, 19 Jun 2017 01:32:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/rattan-garden-furniture-the-pride-of-your-home If you are an early riser and a nature lover and want to enjoy the outdoors, then you certainly require some outdoor furniture made of Rattan to accentuate your deck, patio, yard and even your garden. The outdoor furniture that you select for your garden should be elegant and charming and at the same time be relaxing and comfortable. Rattan Garden Furniture is the perfect choice that can add style and sophistication to your garden or lawn.

Rattan is basically a special palm plant that grows in south-east Asia. The plant has slender stems and grows in vine-like patterns. Unlike most hardwoods the grains of Rattan grow vertically and it is regarded as one of the strongest woods in the world. The wood is first steamed and bent into the desired shaped and then dried.

This dried wood retains its shape permanently and is then used to make rattan furniture. One major advantage of rattan furniture is that it is very to maintain and it will retain its original look even after years. Though rattan is a very tough material, it is a light as a feather. Due to this remarkable feature of both strength and weightlessness, people tend to choose it above all other options.

Moving Rattan Garden Furniture from one place to another is very easy as you need not worry about any damage that might result in re-locating or re-arranging due to its light weight.

Moreover, the furniture is so stylish and chic and comes in beautiful designs that you cannot resist buying it. In fact it will make your outdoors the envy of neighbors.

rattan garden furniture FEVQGXL rattan garden furniture ... garden furniture rattan seating | source · details ... NOPCDWM rattan garden furniture rattan cube garden furniture set 8 seater outdoor wicker 9pcs with parasol AGVAKOF rattan garden furniture patio rattan chair set video and photos madlonsbigbear pertaining to garden  furniture XLSNTDE rattan garden furniture abreo with regard to garden furniture rattan  seating | WTEPAAK rattan garden furniture antilles - 2 seat sofa natural rattan garden set . NITAHDN for rattan garden furniture inspiring 4 piece rattan garden furniture KYTGBDQ rattan garden furniture shop related products LTGZLAT ]]>
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How to choose comfortable outdoor rocking chairs http://www.yonohomedesign.com/how-to-choose-comfortable-outdoor-rocking-chairs/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/how-to-choose-comfortable-outdoor-rocking-chairs/#respond Sun, 18 Jun 2017 13:31:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/how-to-choose-comfortable-outdoor-rocking-chairs Outdoor Rocking Chairs are seen in so many houses that have a patio in them. They look so good with a patio and a rocking chair. How to make sure that the outdoor rocking chairs that you have so fondly got home are actually comfortable and are not just an ornament for your house. There are various factors to be considered as given below:

-The brand name: Though it is not absolutely necessary but a good brand name will ensure that your outdoor rocking chairs are not just amazing to look at but are equally functional also. A good brand name does not have to mean that it is very costly. You can check local markets for a brand that is doing well in that particular region.

-The material used: whenever buying your outdoor rocking chairs always check the material they are made out of. See if it is sturdy. The harsh outside climate can make your wooden outdoor rocking chairs So check that the material being used is durable or not.

-The size: The size of the outside rocking chairs should match the patio space that your house has. If it is small and the chairs you bring are too big, you will have less space to sit. So make sure that you choose the right size for the small or big patio.

-The look: the way your chair looks is also of the utmost importance. You will not feel comfortable in a chair that looks ugly. Also it will make your entire house look not so pretty.

So always decide wisely.

outdoor rocking chairs mainstays outdoor rocking chair, multiple colors - walmart.com FUEFHDS outdoor rocking chairs black wood outdoor rocking chair KZPMLDE outdoor rocking chairs spring haven brown all-weather wicker patio rocking chair with sky blue  cushion SHWPXFD outdoor rocking chairs adirondack outdoor rocking chair DVEAXFF outdoor rocking chairs salem rocking chair | pottery barn SFBPDUJ outdoor rocking chairs more images XQCNYQJ outdoor rocking chairs dixie seating company outdoor/indoor georgetown slat rocking chair -  walmart.com GOTLNOU outdoor rocking chairs coral coast indoor/outdoor mission slat rocking chair - natural - outdoor  rocking NJVWZUL outdoor rocking chairs coral coast indoor/outdoor mission slat rocking chair - white - outdoor  rocking OTYRELQ outdoor rocking chairs coral coast indoor/outdoor mission slat rocking chair - white - outdoor  rocking BRYAHTC outdoor rocking chairs belham living richmond heavy-duty outdoor wooden rocking chair - outdoor  rocking chairs NYUPSBN outdoor rocking chairs coral coast indoor/outdoor mission slat rocking chair - black - outdoor  rocking AHYOUTU ]]>
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Which adirondack chair is the right one? http://www.yonohomedesign.com/which-adirondack-chair-is-the-right-one/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/which-adirondack-chair-is-the-right-one/#respond Thu, 15 Jun 2017 16:29:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/which-adirondack-chair-is-the-right-one When you are thinking about outdoor comfort, there are several things that you comes to the mind, one of the outdoor chairs that you can think of is the Adirondack chair. These type of chair were designed years ago, and since then they have become a popular part of the outdoor furniture.

The chairs are designed to provide comfort as you relax in the outdoors. Like most chairs, you need to make sure that you choose the right Adirondack chair so that you don’t regret your purchase. When you visit most furniture stores, you will find that they have several types of chairs, so which one do you choose? Some of the types you may choose from include:

Classic – This type of chair still has its original simple design. It has a low slung seat, which has been angled perfectly for the backrest. The classic Adirondack has been designed to provide comfort to the user.

Long Island – This type of style of Adirondack has been designed with different types of art décor and the slat top of each chair has been stepped up towards the back.

South beach backrest-This type of chair has a fan-like shape and has been designed in a way that the user can easily rest on it.

These are a few of the main types of Adirondack chairs that you may find out there. The best way to choose is to try out each style and get to pick the one that really makes you feel comfortable.

trex outdoor furniture hd classic white patio adirondack chair-txwa16cw -  the home ROHEDCG adirondack chair TBHYLVI cedar patio adirondack chair HYHBPKW adirondack chair ZIXQYPA ... picture of luxcraft poly deluxe adirondack chair ... HRUGQXU adirondack chair - wikipedia VRMENAP hd lime patio adirondack chair ICSYGVF amazon.com : classic white painted wood adirondack chair : chaise lounges  cushions WHUIXMM null unfinished stationary wood outdoor adirondack chair (2-pack) EHOYIVE ... adirondack chair back ... KIZGMGG belham living avondale adirondack chair - natural - adirondack chairs at  hayneedle LRSTCBU lifetime faux wood adirondack chair, light brown - 60064 WSOBHWF ]]>
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Save space by using storage sheds http://www.yonohomedesign.com/save-space-by-using-storage-sheds/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/save-space-by-using-storage-sheds/#respond Wed, 14 Jun 2017 00:26:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/save-space-by-using-storage-sheds Storage sheds are the coverings that are established outside the main body of your house. It could be erected either next to or at a distance from the house. It does not have to be a brick and cement structure. A storage shed can be built out of metal or wood. There are wide range of options available in the market, with a variety of designs.

You have to consider that how big a storage shed you actually require. If you want to store fewer things, it is better to erect a small one so that it does not unnecessarily cover your outside area. In case you feel you must have a big one then invest in a bigger shed.  A storage shed serves a lot of purposes. First of all it is a place, which can be used when your home does not have enough space for storage. There are also a lot of benefits which these offers, few of them are given here: –

-De-clutter: It will help you put all your stuff methodologically in one area and that makes sure that your house is not cluttered at all.

-Organize: you should go for a storage shed if you feel that your house is not organized due to lack of compartmentalization.

-Aesthetic value: it adds to the aesthetic value of your home if it is appeasing to the eyes and well built.

-Storage: it is a good way of storing things that you do not need that regularly. Like Christmas lights and decorations. It provides for a safe place to stock these things away.

storage sheds garden shed with storage for firewood DVCPGLG ... storage sheds lancaster pa ... JXSRKQV storage sheds northwood 14x10 wood storage shed kit - all pre-cut DJTOCAM storage sheds wood XDOGSGO storage sheds lifetime sheds 7x5 plastic storage shed kit w/ floor SJUWVNA storage sheds ZWBBSWG best 25+ storage sheds ideas on pinterest | small shed furniture, shed WNEYSYP garden storage sheds KDPBDZA best 25+ storage sheds ideas on pinterest | small shed furniture, shed LKWMQRZ storage sheds suncast 7ft x 4ft cascade resin storage shed (bms7400) - ace hardware TYASELX storage sheds YBSKHSJ storage sheds resin sheds LNSGWZY ]]>
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Buying a durable outdoor table http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-a-durable-outdoor-table/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-a-durable-outdoor-table/#respond Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:25:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/buying-a-durable-outdoor-table Furniture is an important part of the house.So you need to make sure you get the best. Whether you are getting indoor or outdoor furniture, you need to make sure you put the same emphasis so that you get quality and long-lasting furniture. There are many reasons why you would want to have an outdoor table, whether it is for entertainment or relaxing.

As you search for a table for your outdoor needs, there are several factors that you need to look at so that you get the right type of table, such as:

Weatherproof Table – Since the table will be used in the outdoor areas for a long time it would be ideal if you can get one that is weatherproof. Whether it is made from wood, plastic or metal, you need to make sure that it can withstand every type of weather.

Select the right materials – While you are shopping, you need to make sure you consider the durability of the table. There are different materials used in making outdoor tables, so it would be essential to choose the material that is known to last longer.

The design of the table – You want to choose a table that is constructed according to your preferences, and one that will blend in with your home.

Once you buy the outdoor table, it is important that you maintain the table in order to make sure it last for a long time.

outdoor table patio furniture - walmart.com FAXVPBL outdoor table äpplarö drop-leaf table, outdoor - ikea FNUEILG outdoor table large outdoor dining table - cedar...i really like long tables. EYVGUEL outdoor table ikea askholmen table for wall, outdoor space saving as the table can be CMBFGPT outdoor table falster table, outdoor - black/brown - ikea RLYPZHC outdoor table patio dining tables LGMEFVY outdoor table patio furniture - walmart.com ZSOAVBX outdoor table find this pin and more on outdoor furniture. NUMSZMV outdoor table hardscapes dou0027s and donu0027ts : what makes your food taste better in your ASZRKVL outdoor table äpplarö table, outdoor - ikea JSYSNOI ]]>
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Use small garden design to bring home poise http://www.yonohomedesign.com/use-small-garden-design-to-bring-home-poise/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/use-small-garden-design-to-bring-home-poise/#respond Sat, 10 Jun 2017 16:19:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/use-small-garden-design-to-bring-home-poise Nothing screams elegance and style the way a well maintained garden does. But unfortunately, owning a garden is not for everyone in a time like today where the homes are getting very compact. A good small garden design can help solve this problem but one will have to really expend a lot of grey cells to get to a point where one can come up with a great idea.

It is a basic norm today to live in homes that are in a society. These homes are generally on upper grounds and very rarely on a lower ground where a garden could be a possibility. Therefore, thinking of a small garden design is not only a trend but also a necessity.

These designs could include a variety of variables like what kind of grass to use. How many pots to use if use any and most importantly where to do all this?

Small garden design is not required only for upper story buildings but also the lower ground ones because even though you might have a ground but chances are that it will be very compact and will not give you enough room to move around. So to invest in an elaborate set up is impossible. The solution is a small garden design.

Now the good news is that there are a variety of options there from terrariums to spiral gardens to laddered gardens and many others that allow a mix of elegance and functionality to your house. So do not let a compact space keep you from having a garden.

small garden design patio garden EYBCBAN small garden design small garden, big interest eric sternfels (homeowner) philadelphia, pa BEMCZXW 4 awesome projects for small garden design inspiration FCOGUAM small garden design 40 small garden ideas - small garden designs SQZYAYM small garden design front garden design ideas i front garden design ideas for small gardens - FBUJVTI small garden design design for a small back town garden on a low budget more XLUTSCQ small garden design this is similar to my yard... in that it is long and narrow. IPZLQVE small garden design small patio garden with wooden bench GDIJVRM small garden design find this pin and more on garden. most beautiful small garden ideas - TLJKRDU small garden design outdoor dining terrace, canopy of trees small garden pictures garden design  calimesa, CJQLHTX small garden design love this small but perfectly designed and manicured garden || tall pots in XRSVLAP small garden design minimalist garden, small lawn small garden pictures bernard trianor +  associates monterey, WLATMVB ]]>
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What to consider in designing outdoor kitchens http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-to-consider-in-designing-outdoor-kitchens/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-to-consider-in-designing-outdoor-kitchens/#respond Fri, 09 Jun 2017 13:13:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/what-to-consider-in-designing-outdoor-kitchens Having an outdoor kitchen is great since it automatically increases your living space and provides comfort when it comes to cooking, eating and entertainment. Depending with your reasons, having a kitchen outdoors during the summer season is an ideal time to grill and BBQ, so, as the owner of the house, you need to make sure that you follow the right steps in making sure you have you dream kitchen.

There are several designs for outdoor kitchens that you can settle for once you consider all your options. If you are not a designer or a contractor, it is best to hire professional to do the job for you. As you are thinking about how your dream kitchen will look like, it is important that you start from the ground up, make sure that you choose the best floor layout and the materials to be used in the foundation.

Another important thing to consider is the location of the kitchen, which would depend on several factors. You need to think about the type of kitchen you want, make sure that smoke doesn’t get into the house, and distance from the houses and the size of the kitchen.

Once you consider this, you will be able to know the appliances you want and the entire design of the kitchen. As a homeowner, can get tips of outdoor kitchens from showrooms, which will help you decide on the entire design. You need to make your kitchens comfortable as possible so that you enjoy using it.

outdoor kitchens pictures of outdoor kitchen design ideas u0026 inspiration | hgtv LRBHYMJ home; outdoor kitchens NIQPXCH l shaped, split level outdoor kitchens the green scene chatsworth, ca KSGCZHI outdoor kitchens i would classify these as kitchens. GTNBZRS outdoor kitchens 22 outdoor kitchen design ideas XIJTZAB outdoor kitchens inviting patio + outdoor kitchen 12 photos SVHWBQY tags: outdoor kitchens ... VSMKQGH outdoor kitchens a nice chicago outdoor kitchen in my article u2026.. u201cdressed to grillu201d QYXBSJY best 25+ outdoor kitchens ideas on pinterest | backyard kitchen, outdoor  bar CTEKVUO outdoor kitchens 20 outdoor kitchen design ideas and pictures QESTBDJ cook outside this summer: 11 inspiring outdoor kitchens PSUJIQK outdoor kitchens 20 outdoor kitchen design ideas and pictures TVJOMSP ]]>
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