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The brick patio is a refreshing outdoor enhancement to entertain your kids and family. They could be attractive site when neighbors come to your home. However, you should know few tricks to how to install brick patio in outdoors.

It is not enough to know the size, pavers pattern, and material. Here is some of the factor to consider before making a move.


Pavers have come in various patterns. Among them Basket Weave pavers, jack on jack bricks, and herringbone designs are favourite. Your choice of bricks would determine how much time you required finishing the work. Using lumber as border make the pavers contrast and attractive. Wood is easier to fix than other border materials.


Calculate the size, pattern and the number of bricks you needed for a patio. Also, estimate crushed stone that fills the bottom portion and gives stability to patio. Putting crave stone beneath the paver is mandatory. So make your choice.

Measure and Mark the Place:

Use wooden stake and string to mark the Bricks Patio area. It clearly distinguishes the area from other parts.

Dig the site.

Digging deeper could increase the bricks layers. Dig deeper if you want to put crushed stones beneath the pavers. Minimum eight inches deep is recommended for a solid base.

Border Installation:

After putting the gravel, use lumber to create the border. It holds up the shape and gives stability. Use the level and make sure the border edges installed in proper angle.

Final Remark:

Brick patio is excellent choices for entertain your family. Also, the brick patio can be a good chatty place when neighbors and relatives come to your home.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Improve The Beauty Of Your Floor http://www.yonohomedesign.com/luxury-vinyl-flooring-improve-the-beauty-of-your-floor/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/luxury-vinyl-flooring-improve-the-beauty-of-your-floor/#respond Thu, 14 Feb 2019 15:30:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30622

The days are becoming so stylish and trendy. Everything right from the life style of furniture has been evolved with novice technology and style. People have come across various and distinct types of decors and furnitures for their house. But still, they explore for upcoming and latest designs. This explicitly shows that their thirst in finding the new things has not come to an end still. While it comes to garnishing our home with showy decors, the flooring is something that should be considered without fail. The reason is that, the flooring is the one which can enhance the entire appearance of your house. So, you must consider having wonderful flooring like luxury vinyl flooring.

Uplift Your Decors

Decoration is simply interconnected with one by one. If you decorate your house with a new sofa set, you should also decorate your house with modern dining tables, cots, chairs and everything. Then only, it will enhance the complete look of your home. Otherwise, it would have the chance to spoil your house regarding its look. Like that, floor decoration is very crucial as well. Decorating the floor will help you to boost the other decors as well, which are placed in your house. This is an advantage of flooring. If you really search for extraordinary flooring for your residence, the luxury vinyl flooring is something you do not have to miss out. The vinyl flooring exactly encourages the look of your house. Like other marble and tile flooring, you could also get choices in these floorings as well. Among the distinct colors and designs, you could choose something that harmonies your floor and settings of your home exactly well. Just imagine, how it would appear, if you just adorn your house with decors and leaving your floor as it is. Definitely, you will not get what you want and also something will be missed in your house. The something is nothing but the arrangement and decoration of floors. If you indulge your house with vinyl flooring, it would be easy for you to keep your floor clean and refresh. Cleaning the floor is a real daunting task for all the women. Because of the food stains and marks, our floors turn dirty. So, we have to take some efforts to clean it properly without leaving any stains. This is really tough and vinyl flooring does not demand heavy cleaning.

Really Flawless Choice

The luxury vinyl flooring is exactly a flawless choice to go with. People having these floors will definitely experience the pride of incorporating the trend and fashion into their home. Being designed with attractive colors makes it really amazing to buy. You couldn’t find any issues of using this floor in your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring | Armstrong Flooring Residential The Best Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Flooring | Vinyl Flooring | Complete Luxury Vinyl Flooring Product Gallery | Click or Glue Down Why You Should Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Eagle Creek Floors Todays Vinyl Flooring More Luxury Than Vinyl | ProSource Wholesale Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks and Tiles: How to Pick the Best Style The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tile Toliver's Carpet One Floor & Home - About Luxury Vinyl Shaw Floors Centennial 12 6 Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Moduleo UK What is Luxury Vinyl & Is It Waterproof? | Flooring America ]]>
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Best flooring options available in market http://www.yonohomedesign.com/best-flooring-options-available-in-market/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/best-flooring-options-available-in-market/#respond Thu, 24 Jan 2019 20:45:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30752 The Interior of the house looks more attractive if the flooring of the house is done according to the latest designs and styles now present in the market in present scenario. Now, there are many options available in the market to make the interior of the house look classy and attractive.

Some of the best available flooring options in the market are –

  • Concrete – concrete is one of the best options available in the market and also it is used by most of the builders because of the good qualities like, industrial look is attained by the use of this flooring option. There are many options available to choose color and style. It is also cheaper than other good quality flooring options. But this floor type also has some limitations like if one will stand for too long for this type of floor, then one will face discomfort while standing.
  • Bamboo – bamboo when used correctly, then it gives exotic look. This is one of the most beautiful options available out there. Varieties of color option are also available in this type of flooring. This type of floor is really hard and possesses qualities that can resist damping more than any other floor options.
  • Wood, that is engineeredengineering is done with this type of wood so that it does not change its dimensions with respect to temperature. It can be easily adhered to ground over pre flooring, which can be concrete or masonry work. The main limitation that one has to face after using this type of floor is that it is not highly durable and maintenance cost will rise with respect to time.
  • Tiles (ceramic)this type of tiles makes the look of the house more aesthetic and eye catching. A variety of shades are also available to choose from, thousands of styles and sizes are also available in present day market. Interior designer prefers this flooring option over others because of the shine and elegance, this floor type brings to the house. With all the good qualities, there are also some limitations of this floor type like, cracks starts coming after a short interval of time and theses are also not very good in resisting wear. It also gives discomfort if one stands for too long on this floor type.
  • Tiles (porcelain) it gives the finishing of stone, making it aesthetically pleasurable and these porcelain tiles are also very durable in comparison to ceramic tiles. So, low maintenance cost will be there. But like ceramic tiles, it also causes pain in the legs as well as in the back of the person who will stand for too long on them.
  • Stones there are many types of stones which are being used in present time like marble, which is used by the maximum number of houses. Sandstone and limestone are also among the most popular stones used as flooring options in present time to make the look of the house more attractive and beautiful.
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Clean and durable Marmoleum flooring http://www.yonohomedesign.com/clean-and-durable-marmoleum-flooring/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/clean-and-durable-marmoleum-flooring/#respond Thu, 17 Jan 2019 17:45:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30620 Introduction

It is very difficult to choose the best type of flooring for your house as there are many different types of flooring materials available and there are another dozens of colors to choose from. No one will ever want to make the wrong choice so take enough time to think about it and even try samples to see what type of flooring will look good in your house. There are many types of stones available as flooring materials like marbles, granites and tiles, then there are natural materials which are different types of hard trees like teak. Then there are artificially made ones with materials like plastic and PVC


Marmoleum flooring can be said to be both natural and artificial because it is made up of 97% natural raw materials which are normally recycled content. Marmoleum flooring is environment friendly and has a backing made of canvas thickly coated with powdered cork and linseed oil, the type of flooring with backings like this is called linoleum flooring. Marmoleum flooring can be made to have rich looks of different materials like marbles or wood. They can also have any kind of attractive color or design to make a room look fun. Marmoleum floors are popular among homes and offices because it’s color won’t fade over time, and durable. It is also very easy to clean and keep dust free. Marmoleum floors also prevent the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms on it thus making it extremely helpful for people with allergies or asthma.

Residential floor coverings | Forbo Flooring Systems Marmoleum Flooring | Portland, OR | ECOFloors Marmoleum Marmoleum 'Striato' Sheet - Glue Down Flooring: Green Building Residential floor coverings | Forbo Flooring Systems Marmoleum Flooring : Shop by Collection - Green Building Supply Marmoleum Flooring | Portland, OR | ECOFloors Marmoleum Modular Tile (2.5mm) - Glue Down Floor Square Tiles: Green Pros and Cons of Marmoleum Flooring | How To Build A House Forbo Marmoleum Vivace - Natural Linoleum, Non-Toxic, Durable, 2.5 Marmoleum Dual Tile Natural Flooring - Eco-Building Products Marmoleum 'Real' Sheet - Glue Down Flooring: Green Building Products ]]>
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Concrete Patios – A Durable One To Choose http://www.yonohomedesign.com/concrete-patios-a-durable-one-to-choose/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/concrete-patios-a-durable-one-to-choose/#respond Thu, 29 Nov 2018 01:30:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30831

These days, people are concentrating much in decorating their front portion. But decorating a front portion needs some furniture to be placed there, then only we could use that place in an efficient way. Now the trend is building a home with an enormous front portion. In such cases, people cannot leave their front portion to be empty all the time. Since, it will damage the look of the entire home. Home should be good and pleasing when it is viewed from outside – right? In order to make the outside view better, you have to incorporate some needful furniture come decors. But, we cannot able to buy furnitures every now and then since we have to spend more money for buying that. So, it would be better to choose concrete patios to decorate the front side of your home.

Don’t Mind About The Weather Factors

If you buy aluminum patio or any other types of patio furniture, you need to consider about something ahead buying it. I do not know about other factors, but surely you should consider about weather factors. The reason is that, the front decoration furniture is the one which is going to be kept outside all the time. In such cases, we have to think about the weather without fail. Even if you buy furnitures designed to withstand weather conditions, you will be encountering some insecurities either sooner or later. Just imagine, if the furniture is kept outside all the time, what would have happen. Definitely either the color would fade out or if it is cushioned type furniture, it will get soaked when rain comes. Either this or that happens, that is unstoppable – right? But if you have concrete patios, you no need to think about anything like weather tolerance, quality, cost and making. Like aluminum patio furniture, you could make captivating designs and models in these types of patios as well. That is, you could either have curvy or slanting chairs and sofas. That will look good and neat. Also, you can paint different colors over it. Concrete furniture is simply like building a home. So, you would get enormous designs and styles to develop furniture. Also, these furnitures are long lasting one. You no need to change the furniture once in a while.

Add Comfort

The concrete patios look hard to sit. If so, you can place cushions on it. Very simple, you can place the cushions while you sit and take it with you while do not access it. The accessibility of the furniture is very easy. And you can add comfort features in order to enjoy the concrete furnitures. You cannot find any disadvantages and dangerous issues on using this concrete furniture.

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Choose laminate floors over stone and hardwood http://www.yonohomedesign.com/choose-laminate-floors-over-stone-and-hardwood/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/choose-laminate-floors-over-stone-and-hardwood/#respond Mon, 26 Nov 2018 11:45:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30653

If one is looking for a new home or modulation of an old one and the budget is not much then there is certainly nothing to worry about.  Creative inventions in this context have led to development of choices that would be on budget and all the more act as a supplement to those which are expensive. These are not only acceptable in terms of cost, but even their ability to offer a more unique and exquisite appearance.

Laminate flooring

Laminated floor are widely preferred as an alternative to stone and wood floors. Laminate floors tend to be cheaper as compared to those of stone and wood reason behind being that laminates do not require much maintenance. It consists of several layers combined into one and topped with a transparent coat to maintain its durability and is even not affected by scratches and dents.

Benefits of Laminate flooring

Laminate floors are much more benefitting than others the majority being; due to its professional finishing one cannot differentiate between real floor and the laminated one. Furthermore, technological advancements have made it possible to create any design on the laminate surface that too at low production cost.

These can be easily installed unlike stone and wood floor that tend to involve a much cumbersome process. The laminate floors are easily carried and fitted in the desired area, thus not consuming much time. The use is not restricted by any weather condition; these can tolerate high level of heat and quantities of water.

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Make your way using Patio Blocks http://www.yonohomedesign.com/make-your-way-using-patio-blocks/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/make-your-way-using-patio-blocks/#respond Sat, 10 Nov 2018 20:30:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30561

Patio pieces and pavers offer you some assistance with adding work and outline to your display. Learn concerning the particular assortments you ought to use to make porches, keeping dividers and then some. Particular sorts of solid squares and pavers, together with clearing stones, edging stones and keeping up divider pieces, will give you a chance to make assignments reminiscent of:

  1. Patios
  2. Walkways
  3. Raised planting beds
  4. Keeping allotments
  5. Hearth pits
  6. Grill or letter drop encompasses

How can it be used?

Elaborate, precast solid pieces recreate the crease of stones or blocks in a type of sizes, compositions and hues. When we discuss about these it is very Important to discuss about their accumulations, particular assortments of hinders that share a sort, grant you to tie assignments along the edge of an equal appear. For instance, that you could make a raised planting bed using divider hinders that facilitate with pavers you utilize to manufacture a porch or pathway. Accumulations give your outside space connected, composed shows up. These pieces are very strong and might be utilized as an arrival discipline on the base of the stairs to my deck subsequent to coordinating it with shading and composition of the area they are to be put at. Set up is a basic strategy after the site is been prepared with a 4-6 inch stone base, alongside two inches of sand. When leveled, and the character patio stones are fixed, arrangement was truly advantageous.

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Beautify with Patio Pavers http://www.yonohomedesign.com/beautify-with-patio-pavers/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/beautify-with-patio-pavers/#respond Wed, 26 Sep 2018 03:15:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30554


Before you begin your task, create a plan. Map out your present panorama on graph paper, including primary factors comparable to your residence, current walkways and trees. Keep in mind sight traces from windows and doors and the way your project will have an impact on them. Including a patio paver or walkway to your dwelling is a nice strategy to customize your landscape and lengthen your living area to the outside. Challenge form and paver form, color and pattern are largely a topic of private taste. They should replicate your kind and complement your residence and panorama. They will have to additionally match the function of your assignment and the wishes of the individuals who will use the patio paver or walkway. For instance, tumbled-stone pavers provide a traditional, timeworn appear, while a smoother, more typical surface may fit better for company who use walkers or wheelchairs.

Things to be kept in mind

There are some other practical issues- hold patio pavers far from underground utilities and restrict areas near large trees because the roots shall be difficult to handle, and harmful them could damage the bushes. Therefore when you plan your patio or walkway, your desired use will support investigate the place:

  • Build a patio close a pool or alongside the condo as a location to entertain or just calm down.
  • Create a walkway and small patio close a garden for a quiet retreat.
  • Assemble an out of doors kitchen with a barbecue subject close your apartment so you don’t need to walk a long way for cooking presents.
30+The Best Stone Patio Ideas | First home :D | Pinterest | Brick We Install Paver Patios & Walkways in Portland | Paver Landscapers Paver Patio Ideas - Landscaping Network ]]>
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Luxury vinyl floorings are comfortable and eco-friendly http://www.yonohomedesign.com/luxury-vinyl-floorings-are-comfortable-and-eco-friendly/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/luxury-vinyl-floorings-are-comfortable-and-eco-friendly/#respond Mon, 24 Sep 2018 08:30:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30623


The Question “what type of flooring do you want in your home?” is something you must take time to decide, as it is pretty much for the long term and cannot be easily changed. The flooring can be either of a dark or light softer shades. If you choose a light shade and you have enough windows in your house, then your house will be bright at day even without artificial lighting. While if you choose a darker shade then it’s important to have more than enough lighting fixtures to get the desired illumination. There are many types of flooring materials available like marble, granite, tiles, plain concrete (not quite popular now as it was), wood, vinyl flooring etc.

Advantages of vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a type of vinyl flooring which is a commonly used kind of resilient flooring. Earlier resilient flooring materials were made up of items like PVC or plastic which even though was good as a flooring material raised many health and environmental issues as they were not eco-friendly. Then resilient flooring manufacturers started working on making something that is safe and eco-friendly and came up with vinyl flooring and it became quite popular. Luxury vinyl flooring is the kind that looks exactly like natural materials like stone or wood, this look is achieved by mimicking the textures and patterns on the natural materials. Luxury vinyl flooring became popular as it was soft (hard enough) and very comfortable to walk on. As it is soft enough, it minimizes the damage that can happen due to slips or falls of someone or something.

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Interesting concrete patio ideas http://www.yonohomedesign.com/interesting-concrete-patio-ideas/ http://www.yonohomedesign.com/interesting-concrete-patio-ideas/#respond Mon, 10 Sep 2018 02:30:00 +0000 http://www.yonohomedesign.com/?p=30832

It is very common from over very years to design the landscape around the house for making the house more attractive. There are many ways to decorate landscape, by growing decorative grass, planting some very attractive plants. If you are doing that it’s very important to cut and shape these grass and plants once in a while. Also you can place install a pool for a modern look and obviously it can be used too. It’s also very common for people to install patios in their backyards. Patios can be created using tiles, block paving, concrete or cobbles or stone slabs.


Out of the different types of patios, concrete patios are the most common because they costs less than other patios like brick or natural stone and doesn’t need much maintenance. Concrete patios are also extremely durable when compared to the others. Patios can be sometimes considered to be extensions from the house. The concrete patio can function as a gathering place or a place for entertainment in case of occasions. If necessary we can built walls or place curtains and use it as an additional room or kitchen. There is no limit in how much space a patio must occupy and there are no limitations even when it comes to design. We can built them in any shape we want, be it a square, rectangle, semi-circle- triangle, zig-zag or most of the many designs that you can possibly think of. Patios are also good place to relax in case you have comfortable seats placed over there.

Concrete Patio - Design Ideas, and Cost - Landscaping Network 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats 75 Most Popular Transitional Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas for DIY Concrete Patio Cover Up Ideas | DIY Home Decor Ideas | Pinterest 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats Concrete Patio Ideas~Concrete Patio Ideas And Pictures - YouTube concrete patios pictures | Stamped Concrete Patio, Firepit, and 60 Concrete Patio Ideas - Unique Backyard Retreats Small Concrete Patios Small Backyard Concrete Patio Small Concrete DIY Patios On A Budget | Best Concrete Patio Designs Ideas Pictures ]]>
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